Friday, August 31, 2007

5 Tips For Creating a Fashionable Home

What I've come to realize is that fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, fashion is a whole lifestyle. Fashion also embodies how you decorate your home. And just like dressing your body is a form of art, dressing your home is a form of expression. Here are five tips I've come up with to help you create a more fashionable home:

1. Stick with your own style. Sometimes we'll want to go with a decoration just because it's "hip" and "modern", but if you're not going to be comfortable living with it, then by all means don't buy it! Just like clothing, only buy what you absolutely love.

2. Build around a focal point. If you're stuck and don't know where to start. Pick an item in the room as your focal point and buy pieces that compliment that item. For many people it is a piece of art or a rug. Pick colors and decor that go with the theme of the focal point.

3. Mix it up. Most people decorate their home and then just leave it like it is for years. Be bold and daring and decorate whenever the seasons change. While you're out shopping those summer clothing sales, why not pick up some fall decorations as well?

4. Create a journal with clippings from decorating magazines. Fill your journal with ideas and then take it with you the next time you go shopping for home decor.

5. Have fun! Ok, this may seem like an obvious tip, but you'd be surprised how many people I see get so stressed out about decorating their home! But then again, sometimes we do get stressed about what to wear...*sigh*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Product Review: Garnier Nutritioniste Detoxifying Gel Cleanser

Garnier Nutritioniste Gel Facial Cleanser
Although I do believe that women should take care of their skin, I don't believe in many of the products that are on the marketplace these days. Perhaps that's why I washed my face with just plain soap and water for many years. However, on a recent Target adventure I passed by a very bright display of Garnier Nutrisioniste products and I have to admit that I fell victim to what I call "PPM", or Pretty Product Merchandising. I was immediately drawn to all that green. Kudos to the product design team for thinking of that color because I sure noticed...

Anyhow, I ended up buying the Nutri-Pure detoxifying gel cleanser and it now sits empty on my bathroom counter. I've had it for a few months and in that time it was gentle to my skin and didn't leave it dry like some of the cleansers I've tried in the past. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and green leaf extract - a.k.a Good for your skin.

However, I'm not sure I will stick with this gel cleanser. I probably will venture into some organic products simply because I'm thinking of the long-term effects on the skin. Stay tuned!

Garnier Nutritioniste detoxifying gel cleanser is available online at

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Pleasure of Online Bargain Hunting

As I've said time and time again, I am quite the bargain hunter. Call me Miss Bargain Hunting USA. It's not so much that I can't afford to buy at full retail value as much as it is a challenge...Call it a sport, if you will. Just like Tiger Woods gets pleasure from hitting a hole-in-one, I get pleasure for finding great deals on clothes.

Take, for example, my excursion to Kmart yesterday. I went in to get some dog food, but lo and behold they had t-shirts for $1 and $2!! These are the same types of plain t-shirts that you can find at the department store for $12 or more. Who doesn't need basic t-shirts, right?

Another thing that makes me shout in glee is finding out about ShopBop coupons. This website I just discovered has coupons and promo codes for all kinds of online stores. They also have shopping tips and coupon blog where you can find articles like different ways you can save on back-to-school clothes and how to shop for the perfect jeans online.

Do you have any shopping tips to share?

And today I leave you with some food for thought from the very creative Jean Paul Gaultier...

"It's always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting. "

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Look Back at the Paris Shows

As the fashion editor over at The Runway Scoop, I write about many of the runway shows around the world. Every show is exciting, but my favorite fashion shows are the ones that takes place in Paris. For me Paris shows are more stylish and sophisticated. Although many of the pieces on the runway will probably never make it to the "street", it's nice to know that designers are pushing the envelope.

Check out this video from where designers share their thoughts about the Paris fall shows. Perhaps it will inspire you to be more daring and unique in how you dress! (If you're reading this via a feed reader you may have to click through and visit the blog to watch the video)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How You Can Be a Smart Fashion Shopper

As the fashion industry gets ready for the Spring 2008 runway shows, fashion consumers are thinking about all those fabulous end-of-summer sales!

Smart Shopping Tip: Always buy pieces that you can wear for the next spring/summer season. Better yet, shop for pieces that you can integrate into your fall winter as well.

Here's a dress on sale at ShopBop that could be worn into the fall...A little short for my taste, but I probably would wear it with a pair of dark Citizens of Humanity jeans and fun heels.

Thayer Stephanie Dress

Here are a few summer sales that you may want to check out:

  • Up to extra 60% off baby, kids & junior spring-summer collections on

  • 10% off Jewelry & Watches at Offer valid 8.31.07 to 9.3.07

  • Shop for an Additional 20% off Clearance items!

  • 70% off Marc Jacobs, C&C California, James Perse & More!
  • Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    The First Natural Beauty Summit Coming to France!

    Taken from the Natural Beauty website:

    "Natural Beauty Summit is a series of international conferences that cover the major developments in the cosmetics industry concerning natural products and sustainability.

    The premier Natural Beauty Summit Europe will bring together key stake-holders (cosmetic manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, packaging companies, retailers, industry organisations, investors, etc.) and create a forum to learn and discuss the key challenges the cosmetics industry faces in the areas of natural & organic products and sustainability...."

    Shop CosmeticsWe're starting to see more and more women becoming aware of the things that they put on their body and face. As such, I think companies that provide organic beauty products are going to see an increase in sales. I, for one, am constantly on the hunt for natural beauty products. By the way, I'm still in love with Bare Escentuals!

    Speaking of natural beauty, you may want to check out these natural beauty bloggers for tips and advice:

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    Seven Steps To a More Beautiful You: Step #6 - Know Your Passions and Follow Your Dreams

    Ok, we're getting near the end of this very stretched out series of becoming a more beautiful person! If you just happened to stumble across this blog, here are the previous five steps:

    1. Smile!
    2. Exercise
    3. Know That You Are Beautiful
    4. Thou Shall Not Judge
    5. Take Care of Your Temple

    I love to see women who are joyful and doing what they love. It really shows in how they carry themselves and interact with people. When you have a passion for life, there just seems to be a little more spring in your step. You stand up straighter and just have this air of confidence about you. People will start to tell you that you have a certain "aura" that draws them to you.

    'Follow Your Dreams' Graphic Tshirt with ButterfliesSo, how do you develop this kind of radiant energy that puts a little color in your face and brings out your true beauty?

    My advice would be to do what you love and simply follow your dreams! Nothing is more attractive than to see someone who stays true to his/herself and has a passion for their work. You see that twinkle in their eyes that you don't see from people who live mundane lives. They smile more and their cheeks are flushed with excitement.

    Read more about women following their passion over at BlogHer. One of the panelists during this session was Christine Kane, a phenomenal singer and a perfect example of someone who is beautiful because she knows who she is and she follows her dreams!

    Encourage women to follow their dreams with this graphic t-shirt designed by yours truly! Available in my gift shop.

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    The Beauty of Mariah Carey

    I seem to have some critical blood flowing through me today because as I browsed through Glamour I could not stop analyzing each and every ad. I voiced my opinions about an Elie Tahari ad over at TheRunwayScoop and now I can't seem to stop thinking about this ad for Mariah Carey's perfume.
    Mariah Carey Perfume AdI understand the marketing team wanted to evoke a certain mood from this ad, but was it really necessary to show her almost naked body? I can appreciate it from an artistic point of view. Yes, the woman's body is beautiful and all...But we see enough of it in the media that and somehow that artistic element is lost.

    Perhaps I'm just being way too analytical today...

    That said, I do love Mariah Carey's music. My all time favorite is the self-titled album she released back in the early 90's. Actually, I love all her old-school albums and many of her latest singles. However, I have to say that Mariah Carey may have gotten caught up in the music industry "standards" of how women should dress and look like. I loved Mariah's style back in the days when she first started out. However, that's not to say that people don't change. I certainly am not wearing the same things I wore back in the 90's!

    You can find Mariah Carey's new perfume over at her website:

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Fashion and Beauty Blog Link Love

    I have a handful of fashion blog feeds that I go through on a daily basis, so today I thought I’d share some of the interesting posts I came across…
    • I just bought my first big wide belt for this fall and lo and behold, it looks as if that will be the “It” accessory for the fall. Check out the belted looks that Coquette shares
    • I must agree that it’s wise to take inventory of your clothes in order to find out what you should be shopping for. In other words, shop for what you need versus what you want!
    • Lanvin is definitely on the A-List for these phenomenal fall ads…So simple, yet so vibrant. The contrast is outstanding…

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Seven Steps To a More Beautiful You Series: Step #5 - Take Care of Your Temple

    If you have children, you try your best to protect them. You want to give them the best in life and you want them to be happy, right? Well, why not treat yourself - your body - with the same care and respect?

    Here in the U.S. so many women have body issues that stem from a disrespect for their bodies. A woman’s body is a temple. The body is a Divine being that is to house a Divine Spirit - your Spirit.

    You can take care of your temple not just by exercising - which I mentioned in step #2 - but by eating healthy foods and having the discipline to eat just enough so that you’re satisfied. Taking care of your temple also means not abusing drugs, alcohol, or becoming addicted to toxic things like cigarettes.

    Here are some affirmations you can say to yourself to help you take care of your body:
    • My body is a temple that deserves the utmost care
    • I take care of my body and my body takes care of me
    • I eat when I need to and not because I want to
    • I am a Divine Being
    Read the previous four steps to a more beautiful you:

    1. Smile!
    2. Exercise
    3. Know That You Are Beautiful
    4. Thou Shall Not Judge

    Resources of Interest:

  • Inner Focus, Outer Strength: Using Imagery and Exericse for Health, Strength and Beauty

  • Inner Beauty: Discover Natural Beauty and Well-Being with the Traditions of Ayurveda
  • Friday, August 3, 2007

    Kate Spade Bids Adieu

    I'm sure many of you have already heard about Kate Spade stepping down from her company. The author of Bag Bliss wonders what is to become of the brand now that Kate Spade is leaving.

    Well, since Liz Claiborne took over of the brand, we haven't seen too much advertising. At least, I haven't seen any. Sure, everyone knows about Kate Spade, but it's good to create brand awareness - especially in the fashion industry where there's so much competition.

    I'm pretty bummed to see Kate Spade close this chapter in her life as she's been a big inspiration to me, but I'm sure better opportunities are just waiting around the corner for her... Who knows, she may just go off and start another company!