Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Gloves in a Bottle

Gloves in a BottleWith it being the middle of winter and all, I know many of you are constantly grabbing that bottle of lotion to keep your hands moisturized. I recently tried out Gloves in a Bottle, a lotion that relieved my dry skin instantly. Ok, so most products on the market do that now, but after washing the dishes I found that I didn't even have to reapply lotion!

How It Works: The lotion bonds with the outer layer of your skin and locks in the natural oils and moisture. It becomes part of the outer layer of your skin so it doesn't wash off like many lotions do.

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I have three samples to giveaway, so if you'd like to try it out, send me an email: maria [at] First come, first serve!
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  1. I’m an artist and I love Gloves in a Bottle. It’s great stuff! I’m not the tidiest of painters so I find myself washing my hands all the time. Despite the paint, oil and thinners I get all over them, Gloves in a Bottle makes it easier to keep my hands clean plus seems to save them from drying up and cracking. It is also fantastic at shielding my hands from any chemicals and dirt so I also use it whenever I’m cleaning the house (not so often!), gardening or doing any DIY and find. Great stuff - I get it from the UK Gloves in a Bottle website - very good service too.