Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beauty Product Review: JamieO Skin Products

"What have you been using on your face? It looks different. Your skin tone looks smoother," my friend commented when I saw her for the first time in about a month.

I told my friend about Rewind Time ($81), one of the JamieO skin products that I've been using. As I get older I'm becoming more aware of skin care and the things I put on my face. During the summers here in California I spend quite a bit of time outdoors - days at the beach without sunscreen have taken its toll on my face. I began to see a little discoloration on my forehead and spots on my cheeks.

So, I've been using Rewind Time for the past month or so. Rewind Time is a vitamin C serum that is oil-free, lightweight, and fragrance-free. Because of its unique pH balance formula, I can use it every day.

JamieO also has a product called Crystal Radiance ($75) which is a two-part microdermabrasion system. It smells like an orange when you apply it to your face and oh, the way my face feels after using it! As you may recall, I reviewed the Swisa Sea Facial Peel awhile back. Well, Crystal Radiance produces the same results. Skin so smooth and soft!

Read another review of the JamieO Crystal Radiance over at BellaSugar.

JamieO Skin was founded by the father and daughter team of Dr. Terry James and Jamie O'Banion. "Having grown up in the home of a physician involved in clinical skincare development, I was privy to cutting-edge technology and learned early on how to select performance skincare products," said O'Banion. "JamieO Skin really evolved from my desire to share outstanding, clinical-grade products with real women in search of fabulous skin."

JamieO Skin products are available at the website: www.jamieoskin.com
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