Monday, January 7, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back Into Your Life

I love this post, "Stuck on Sexy" by Plumcake of Manolo for the Big Girl. Each of us has a different definition of what "sexy" means. It all goes back to the idea of "you are what you think", so if you think being sexy is about a cardigan sweater set, jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes, then by all means wear it and wear it with confidence!

For me being sexy is about being true to myself and expressing myself in ways that I choose to. I was reminded of this when I watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live when Christina Aguilera was the host. She's one celebrity who has had the spotlight on her for the "raunchy" outfits she wears. There was a skit with Christina Aguilera playing herself and these other celebrities come into her dressing room to make comments about her reputation and style of dress. Aguilera explains that she's simply being true to herself and condemns society's double standard placed on women which is true - if a man expresses his sexuality, he's "sexy". However, if a women does it, she's labeled a "ho".

I'm not as daring as Christina Aguilera when it comes to dress, but I have my fair share of sexy attire. However, what makes me feel real sexy is knowing who I am, what I want to accomplish in life, and not having to pretend to be something I'm not! Now, that's true beauty ;)
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