Friday, January 11, 2008

Weight Loss Tips People Most People Don't Talk About

Today on the Ellen Degeneres Show, a good part of the show was the topic of weight loss. Kimberley Locke came was on the show to talk about how she successfully lost 40 pounds. Also, two other women came on to tell their stories about shedding the weight.

I completely agree with Ellen when she said that we focus too much on losing weight. What we should actually be focusing on is simply getting the exercise we need and controlling the amount of food we eat.

I, for one, have never been on a diet. Although I'd like to lose a few pounds, I don't want to have to stay away from certain foods.  What I've been doing is just keeping my focus on exercising about 20 minutes a day which includes many, many ab crunches. 

Losing weight is all about mindset. Here are a couple tips I have to achieve a more positive attitude towards weight loss:

Don't focus so much on the numbers. Focus on being healthy and focus on maintaining a consistent exercise routine.

Try saying this affirmation to yourself, "I lose weight easily and effortlessly." When you say affirmations repeatedly, eventually your subconscious begins to accept this as reality. You begin to actually believe that it is easy to lose weight and you'll start to take action to achieve this goal.

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