Friday, February 1, 2008

Have You Discovered Your Inner Girl Mogul?

As someone who truly believes that beauty starts within, I believe that in order to discover that beauty you have to follow your dreams and do things in life that fulfill your passion. That said, I love to endorse companies that follow this line of thinking and have the same philosophies as I do. Girl Mogul is one of those businesses. According to the Girl Mogul website:

"GirlMogul is an attitude, a way of approaching life that says you can be and do what you want. It’s defies convention and stereotyping and is inspiring and encouraging. GirlMoguls come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s an approach to living that encourages big and little dreams, to forging your own path. It’s a commitment to be being smart, independent, to having fun, to helping other, to dreaming and to building and growing those dreams."

Truly inspiring!

One of my favorite products from the Girl Mogul shop is this t-shirt that says, "Dream Big". Dreaming big is something I do on a daily basis. There is simply no time to be worrying about how much weight I've gained or what people are thinking about the way I dress. I have things to do and goals to achieve!

Have you discovered your inner Girl Mogul? What kinds of messages are you sending to little girls out there about beauty? How are you inspiring other people?

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