Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Clothing Fast Challenge

The other day I bought the cutest Heatherette denim shorts. When I got home I opened up one of my dresser drawers and buried at the bottom of the drawer was a pair of denim shorts similar to the pair I just bought. That’s when I realized that I needed to go on a clothing fast.

I felt guilty - oh, so guilty. Guilty of wasting money? Perhaps. Guilty that someone out there is wearing the same thing day in and day out while I have forgotten about a pair of shorts - one of many pairs of shorts? Maybe.

All I know is that my wardrobe is fairly big compared to others around the world. My clothing mentality is “I want! I want!” and the only thing I really need is a pair of black flats. And even then I still question the actual necessity of these flats.

So for the remaining of this month and through the end of April I am going to go on a clothing fast. No clothing purchases! Can I do it? Or will I succumb to the marketing messages I read in fashion magazines that tell me that I “must have” this or that?

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting updates on this clothing fast…
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  1. Good luck on that! If your shopping habits are anything like mine and you really stick to the fast it really does wonders for your bank account!

  2. Very good posting about shopping...