Sunday, March 9, 2008

Purple Handbag, Oh, Purple Handbag, Where Art Thou?

One of my fashion resolutions for 2007 was to find a purple handbag. However, until this day I have yet to find a purple (my favorite color) handbag that has caught my fancy...until now. I came across this purple satchel over at Accessory Bug and although it looks very similar to a bag I already have, I really like this shade of purple. However, it looks like they're already sold out on this particular color. I revisited the Accessory Bug website and noticed that only the black one is available...Hmm...I guess it just wasn't mean to be! And the search continues...

By the way, Beauty is Within readers get 10% off at Accessory Bug until 4/30/08. Use the coupon code "spring08" at checkout!

I've created a Squidoo lens dedicated to purple handbags. Click here to discover all kinds of sassy purple handbags!
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  1. I just bought this bag. Francesca's Collections also sells it, and I think it's still in stock. Try It's on the first page of handbags.

  2. Thanks, Molly, for the lead! I went to Francesca's and it's also sold out...

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    An awesome purple handbag you may love, too, is the Coach Hamptons Carryall in Brass/Berry. It's purple and gorgeous all over! (Check it out at