Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Plush Robe For a Spa Day!

Zebra Print Plush RobeRecently I wrote about how I wanted to treat myself to a spa day for my birthday. Well, as I plan for this day of pampering, I've been thinking about bringing my own bathrobe with me. Incidentally, I found out about a website that sells a variety of bathrobes, including these luxurious-looking hooded robes and terry robes that are perfect to put on after a nice warm shower or bath. It's something about a nice, comfy robe that screams of peace and relaxation! Who says you have to only enjoy plush robes at spas and fancy hotels?

Some cultures wear robes as part of their everyday wear. Think about the kimonos worn by the Japanese. The Chinese are also famous for their intricately-designed silk robes. I love the ease of putting on a wrap-dress which I'm sure was inspired by robes. Although Diane Von Furstenberg put wrap-dresses on the fashion map, I'd like to see more of these types of dresses for the spring.

If you're looking for bathrobes, make sure to check out Plush Robes! They offer personalized monogrammed robes plus you can include a free greeting card if you're sending the robe to someone as a gift. Remember that Mother's Day is coming up!
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