Friday, April 4, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Curél Targeted Therapy Cream

Curel Targeted Therapy Hand & Cuticle Cream
So, I celebrated a birthday last week. Can you believe I actually forgot how old I am? I had to calculate it in my head...Ok, so I was born in... Most women my age start to look at their face and really scrutinize every line and sun spot, but me...Well, I've been looking at my hands and noticing every crevice, knuckle wrinkle, and vein. Are my hands looking old? I used to see my mom put hands on her lotion every night before bed and now it's my turn!

I know that I shouldn't really fret over such things. After all, I'm not going to be the pianist that I used to dream of being when I was a little girl. Nobody really pays attention to hands, right? Besides, it's all about what's inside that counts ;) And nowadays there are inventions like lotions and creams that can make your hands lookin' smooth!

This week I've been trying out Curél's new Targeted Therapy Cream which contains soy milk, monoi oil (an interesting blend of Tahitian tiare flower and coconut oil), and of course, Vitamin E...

The cream goes on a little greasy for me (I'm used to using thicker lotions), but then it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does make my hands noticeably soft after just one use - as stated on the bottle. Even after washing my hands I don't have to reapply the cream. And for me that's pretty exciting because I like everything to be low-maintenance ;)

Check out another review of Curél's Targeted Therapy Hand & Cuticle Cream over at The Makeup Girl. Available at drug stores nationwide or

By the way, Curél Skincare and Redbook magazine are inviting women to share their stories about experiencing changes in one of a woman’s milestones: pregnancy, menopause, or the first signs of aging. The winning stories will be published in Redbook magazine's July 2008 issue. You can also win a trip to New York City to share your story with the media! For more information visit:
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