Thursday, May 8, 2008

The 2 Week Challenge With Biore

To this day I am still prone to blemishes and breakouts - probably due to my combination of oily and dry skin. I've been on the hunt for the right products to help prevent these nasty bumps. Like I've said before, I had been using just plain ole soap and water to clean my face, but now that I'm getting older, that kind of skin care just isn't enough. So I decided to take up Biore's Breakout 2 Week Challenge to see if I would notice any improvement in my skin after using Biore's Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser and the Triple Action Astringent.
Did it work? In a nutshell, yes, the 2-Week challenge was a success! I used to wake up with these puss-filled bumps (yeah, pretty picture!) but the astringent cleans up and tightens up my pores really well. I like the nice tingly feeling I get after washing my face with the cleanser. Have you tried these Biore products before? Share your experiences by leaving a comment...

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  1. My partner Teneasha has been working on this challenge, and I can honestly say that i've seen a difference in her skin (not sure what she would say about it though). Reading your post definitely has me thinking about giving it a try myself.

    OH...and you've been tagged! More details on the blog.


  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    The Biore pore strips are amazing!! Just make sure you steam your face first to open the pores up so you get the best result.