Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Interview With Joyce Carboni of Skinsational Skin and Body Spa

In gorgeous, sunny San Diego, one doesn’t have to travel far to get away from the hectic lifestyle and receive a little spa pampering. On the coastline of Carlsbad, a north San Diego beach community, is one of the premiere day spas of Southern California: Skinsational Skin and Body Spa. Joyce Carboni, the Owner and CEO of Skinsational, is a licensed esthetician with over 24 years experience in the skin and body care industries. She was kind enough to do a quick interview…

MP: When did you realize your passion for skin and body care?

JC: I have always had a passion for skin care, makeup and helping others look their best. I decided to make it my career when I was 30 and it was the best career move I’ve ever made!

MP: What makes your spa unique?

JC: At Skinsational Skin and Body Spa we are always striving to provide a place for guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The atmosphere we have created is conducive to our guests’ relaxation and helps improve their concentration assisting them into a meditative state, all key elements to fully experiencing a day at the spa.

MP: What is the biggest issue that your clients have when it comes to taking care of their skin?

JC: Life is so hectic these days, many of our clients find it difficult to be faithful with their at home skin care routines and keeping up with new trends. When they come to Skinsational Skin and Body Spa they look to us as their skin care professionals to answer all their beauty/skin care questions. We work with each guest based on their individual needs to find a skin care routine that not only fits their skin type, but fits their lifestyle as well.

MP: Many visitors to my blog are looking for information on the best way to fight aging. What one piece of advice do you have to offer?

JC: Probably sounds trite, but living a healthy lifestyle is key. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs proper love and care! Drink plenty of water for hydration, eat healthy, get enough rest, exercise, and limit your intake of alcohol. ALWAYS wear sun block because skin cancer is affecting more and more people every day. Cigarette smoking is out of the question because it constricts blood flow and nourishment to the skin. And last but not least, NEVER go to bed without cleansing your skin; at night when the body is finally at rest is when healing and cell regeneration takes place!

MP: What’s your favorite beauty product?

JC: I have two I can't live without for anti-aging. Youth Serum (IS Clinical) and Skin Medica's TNS Recovery Complex.

Visit the Skinsational Skin and Body Spa blog for special deals and events! You can also shop for Skinsational beauty products at the website. I will be posting a review of the Emergency Blemish Treatment soon. Stay tuned!
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