Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sex and the City Buzz and Giveaway!

So, all the buzz is about the Sex and the City premiere in London where Sarah Jessica Parker wore this uh, interesting hat. The minute I saw it I thought, Oh, yeah, everyone is going to have a field day with this one! But leave it up to SJP to cause all this hoopla. Carrie Bradshaw wasn't exactly the most conservative dresser, so it would be just like her to wear something like this.

Sarah Jessica Parker at Sex and the City premiere in LondonSex and the City Cast Members
Sex and the City arrives only in theaters on May 30th, 2008 and it promises to answer all of the lingering questions – will Carrie and Big finally tie the knot? Can Samantha really be satisfied with just one man? Will Charlotte ever get pregnant? Can Miranda and Steve actually live happily ever after?

Enter to win a FAB SATC ‘Goodie Bag’ which includes the following:
  • Five different titles of the Sex and the City DVD essentials provided by HBO SHOP in NYC at 42nd & 6th
  • The must-have book for every devoted fan, Sex and the City takes a unique look behind-the-scenes of the most anticipated movie of the spring. In Stores May 30th.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and share your favorite episode of Sex and the City and why it's your favorite episode...The giveaway ends on June 15 and 5 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to win a goodie bag!

Contest Rules:
  • Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only
  • Comment must have a valid email address so that I can contact you if you're a winner
  • Giveaway ends on June 15, 2008 11:59 pm (PST)
  • Winners will be announced on this blog on June 16, 2008
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  1. Thanks for the alert on the giveaway prize. I look forward to the next post for the giveaway rules.

  2. I don't know the name of the episode it was the one where they went to the beach and Charlotte was having a fling with a YOUNG guy and got the crabs. Hilarious, that it would happen to Charlotte of all people.
    Theresa N

  3. Cool! Is this open to international readers or US only?

  4. I love the episode where Miranda finds out she's pregnant because it illustrates the bond among the four women so beautifully!


  5. Claire6:15 AM

    I like the episode when Carrie gets caught smoking a cigarette butt out of the gutter after telling him she had quit. Any ex-smoker can relate to that.

  6. My favorite episode is the one with Charlotte's wedding to Harry. HILARIOUS! Everything that could possibly go wrong did! And Carrie getting involved with a Harry's "jackrabbit" friend from out of town...."POUND, POUND, POUND, POUND, POUND, POUND, POUND!!!!!"

  7. i forgot to mention why that episode was my favorite. First of all, i feel it was one of the funniest episodes. And secondly, because Charlotte realizes that a perfect wedding doesn't necessarily mean a perfect marriage.

  8. Melody2:22 PM

    My fave episode is the one where Miranda's mother passes away and she is in the store getting fitted for a bra. The saleslady hugs her. Then, at the funeral, all the gals show up. Then Steve and Aiden are there at the end.

  9. Anonymous8:17 AM

    My favorite episode is when Harry proposes to Charlotte. It was perfect that they end up together. Her apology was so sincere and then to think he was just waiting to propose to her! It made me tear! Ok, a bit of crying.

  10. o favorite episode? thats tough but the one that definitely popped into my head was when Carrie confronts Berger's friends in the club and goes off on them!!! HILARIOUS!!

    And I think women do go Psycho Bitch lol

    and gets busted by the cops for weed lol

  11. The episode where Samantha has sex with the fireman is one of my favorites.It was hilarious!

  12. My favorite episode has to be the one where Carrie and Samantha take the Amtrak to San Francisco to promote Carrie's book. I love the scene with Big where he's read the book and he's so upset realizing how he treated her.

  13. Anonymous7:00 AM

    I still swoon over how Aidan proposed to Carrie. It was so simple and sweet, imagine getting a ring at a very unexpected moment, not knowing that a doggie poop bag will turn into a perfect, perfect diamond ring. Too bad the wedding didn't happen, though.


  14. I love the Sailor Week episode when they all get dressed up and go looking for sailors on the streets of NYC. Carrie ends up with a sailor from a party on the fire escape. It doesn't work out between them (he's waaaaaay too young), but it was fun and romantic! That's why I loved it! (Plus the fashion in the episode was fun, fun, fun!!!)

  15. Annie7:41 PM

    Oh shitz I missed this :(

  16. Thanks for a great post on the free giveaway.