Thursday, June 5, 2008

H2Pro Flat Iron Review

Before and After Shots of using the H2Pro flat ironAwhile back I got a haircut and the stylist straightened my hair using one of those professional flat irons. It was so silky smooth that I couldn’t stop running my hands through it. You know that funny Sunsilk commercial where the women were flipping their hair around? That’s how I was feeling about my hair! I was sassy!

Well, now I can feel that way about my hair every day because I finally have a professional flat iron of my very own! For someone who has thick, course hair I find it difficult to keep it straight and smooth. I was using a cheap-o Conair flat iron (I think I paid $24 for it), but it only dried out my hair.

H2Pro flat ironThe H2Pro is a ceramic flat iron - much better than a regular flat iron because it prevents hair damage. I have the 302 YVI model which has a plate size of 1 ¼” and is great for long hair like mine. However, there is a smaller version with a 1" plate that works well for shorter hair.

The H2Pro is made of ceramic and tourmaline so it creates that smooth, shiny, and vibrant look. Also, I do like that you can use it on damp hair, although I think my hair looks much better if it’s completely dry before use. The temperature settings range from 140-450 degrees. I use the maximum heat setting because of my hair type.

Flat iron temperature settings
What I love most about the H2Pro is that it takes me less than 15 minutes to straighten my hair. The iron literally glides down my hair. And the best, best, best thing about it is that I don’t even have to put anything else in my hair to keep it looking silky smooth. Even the next day my hair still looks like I’ve just stepped out of a beauty salon!

Thanks to Misikko, an online beauty supplies shop, for the opportunity to try out this iron.

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  1. Great Article

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