Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money Buys Things, Not Class

Cosmopolitan IIWhen I read Helene's post, Luxury Is A State of Mind and It's Not For Sale, it brought to mind days of yore when I was a salesperson at Nordstrom's all bright and cheery. Once in a blue moon that I-have-money-so-kiss-my-feet person would walk in and not ask for help, they literally demanded to be helped. I once had a customer who kept slapping her hand on the counter and yelling, "Get me those shoes now!" I was seconds away from calling it quits that day, but I knew better than to allow that person to break me.

Although I live a pretty humble life and have worked hard for my money, I've never considered myself to be "better" than anyone else just because I may be able to acquire some of the nicer things in life. I never walk into a store all hotsy-totsy and if I perceive a salesperson to be rude, I'll say - with a nice smile on my face, of course - that their actions were uncalled for.

It is interesting to see what money does to people. As Helene said, "...money buys things not class."

And I say: Money doesn't buy beauty!
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