Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Beauty Travel Essentials

Summertime is travel time and there are certain beauty products I can't leave home without...

Fresh Breath!DentaBurst™ Freshening Teeth Cleaners - This is a great alternative to carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse. Traveling or not, I always keep these in my purse because I have a paranoia about having bad breath. I absolutely love these disposable teeth cleaners because they make my mouth feel fresh and clean as if I've just brushed my teeth. Very good for those dinners with a ceasar salad! No more bad breath paranoia for me ;)Skinsational blemish treatment

Skinsational Emergency Blemish Treatment - Whenever I travel, I tend to breakout because of trips to places with hot weather (like Vegas) and my face sweats like crazy. Makeup, sweat, and dirt aren't a great combination in case you didn't know! I just zap those blemishes with this anti-bacterial treatment that contains Vitamin C, centella, and green tea Kenzo RYOKO Eau de Toiletteextracts.

Kenzo RYOKO Eau de Toilette - I love these little travel-friendly fragrance pebbles that were designed by Karim Rashid. The little pebble fits into the palm of your hand and the scent is very refreshing! I have the light blue one: "L'eau par Kenzo pour femme". To me it smells like cucumber and watermelon....yum ;) The Kenzo RYOKO collection is only available through the fall.
Lavilin underarm deodorant
Lavilin Deodorant Cream - When I'm traveling sometimes I forget to put on deodorant. However, with this Lavilin deodorant cream that keeps me odor free up to 7 days, I don't have to worry anymore! I was a bit skeptical at first - an alcohol and aluminum-free herbal deodorant that can last 7 days?? Well, I tried it and yes, it does work! Even through the showers and summer heat it works. All you need is a little bit...
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  1. i should pack some of that stuff for my upcoming trip.