Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Sunglass Fetish

I have fetishes. Purse fetish...shoe fetish...and now a sunglass fetish. It used to be that I'd buy a pair and wear it for a couple years, but for whatever reason I find myself spending a great deal of time lately shopping for sunglasses.

My latest find was purchased at the local swap meet this weekend for a mere $5. Ok, so I'm cheap when it comes to sunglasses, but I just can't get myself to part with $200 for designer glasses. I wanted to splurge last year, but it didn't quite happen. Besides, these look just as stylish as any pair with a logo on it, no?

There are so many styles of womens sunglasses - and even though I'm not one to follow trends so much, I do like the oversized sunglasses that are reminiscent of the 70's and 80's. I really like this pair that this model wore during the Tibi Resort runway show at Miami Fashion Week which took place last week...

I also like these glasses that have a slight colored tint to them...

Sunglasses add instant style to any outfit. However, even if you could care less about whether or not you you're wearing stylish sunglasses, I highly recommend wearing a pair just you could have some UV ray protection for your eyes.
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  1. I have a sunglass fetish & can't help myself when I find new styles and unique brands! I just discovered BellaEyes.com and my credit card wishes I didn't!
    So long shoe fetish!

  2. I feel you on that one. I know the pain (and joy lol) a shoe and eyeglass fetish can bring you. I had some brand new D&G sunglass. Had them stolen. Did that deter me? Nope, went out and bought another....its sad lol

  3. I love the fetish sunglass....

  4. hi Maria!
    Here am I blogging about your fetish:


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