Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dealing With Stress and Meditation

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I don't consider myself to be a "stressful" person, but the past few days I've been experiencing immense back and heart pains. I can only attribute it to stress as I believe that the majority of physical pain that people have starts in the mind. Somehow through my thoughts I have made myself very tense.

Reflecting over the things I've been doing over the past month, I can now understand why I'm feeling this pain. I've taken on several new client projects and was working, working, working. There were deadlines to meet - which is somewhat of a new concept for me. So there were a few nights where I stayed up late writing.

And now all that work and *stress* has taken a toll on my body. By the way, the "S" word is taboo for me. Whenever I say or think it, it makes me tense up even more! If you constantly say to yourself, I'm stressed, well, guess what? You're going to be stressed all the time! And it's not a beautiful thing. In fact, chronic stress could lead to aging. We certainly don't want to look older than we are, right? Plus, when you're stressed out, you're less likely to smile...and it's the smile that makes you even more beautiful!

One of the things I'd like to be more consistent with is to meditate. In a past post, 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Inner Beauty, I mentioned that meditation was one of the things that could be beneficial not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is the quieting of the mind and clearing all the clutter that occupies your mind on a daily basis. Our mind has thousands and thousands of thoughts per day which causes stress. You may be thinking about the work that needs to be done, bills that need to be paid, people you wish you didn't have to deal with, What If's (like What if I don't finish that project?!?), and the list of thoughts go on and on...

Meditation gives your mind a chance to just relax and refocus. For many people meditation is a challenge because they can't seem to get their mind to just be quiet.

Here's a video I came across courtesy of that offers an overview of meditation for beginners...

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