Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has been a huge issue for women and I've been hearing many stories lately about women who have overcome it. Doing a search for breast cancer statistics, I came across this page at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention website that says that in 2004, there were 186,772 women and 1,815 men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Recently I received an email from Kristen Nelson, the VP of Business Development at, who revealed to the blogger community that she was diagnosed with breast cancer just a little over a month ago. I met Kristen in L.A. at the launch party for Total Beauty...such a nice person! Also, I saw a TV interview with Christina Applegate the other day where she talks about her battle with breast cancer. She decided to go through a bilateral mastectomy because she just didn't want to have to deal with chemo and treatments.

Thankfully I don't have a history of cancer in my family (that I know of), but I think it's important to raise awareness and do whatever we can to help the cause. I truly believe that there is a cure out there. In fact, I met someone a couple years ago who is working with a doctor in Mexico and this doctor is researching holistic cures for cancers and diseases. He told me that there are so many alternatives to chemotherapy, but the government here in the U.S. won't allow it for whatever reason.

So, how do you reduce the risk of getting breast cancer? Here are my thoughts:
  • Eat healthy. This means no microwaveable foods! There are so many hormones and chemicals put into processed foods these days and I'm pretty sure it greatly affects the cells in our bodies. If you can, try to eat as much organic food as possible.
  • Maintain a sunny disposition. Overall I think that people who are happy are less likely to get sick. Stressing out never helped anyone!
  • Exercise on a daily or weekly basis.
Have any tips, advice, or stories to share about breast cancer?
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