Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Fresh and Rejuvenated With Elizabeth Grant's Skin Care

Back in 1958 Elizabeth Grant discovered a natural substance used to treat war wounds and began using it on her damaged skin. This began her journey into helping other people achieve beautiful skin and thus, the Elizabeth Grant skin care line was born. 50 years later the company is still going strong and natural beauties everywhere, including Ms. J-Lo, are raving about these products. Elizabeth Grant has patented her miracle forumla, Torricelumn, which includes ingredients from the deep ocean floor.

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C treatmentBefore I started using the Vitamin C Treatment (Day and Night), I was applying vitamin C serum and then a moisturizer over the serum. However, for me, Elizabeth Grant's Vitamin C treatment is enough. It's a moisturizer that is infused with Vitamin C, so it's basically all I need to put on my face before I apply my makeup during the day or at night before I go to bed.

When I first saw the Caviar Rejuvenating Eye Pads, I was a bit hesitant. Fish eggs under my eyes? Sounds very luxurious, exotic, but a bit icky ;) Come to find out that the eye pads are just dipped in caviar's omega 3 fatty acids. Well, I decided to pamper myself with a spa day at home and I tried out the eye pads. Rejuvenating? Yes. Luxurious? Yes. I can feel the puffy and saggy skin under my eyes start to tighten up even after one use. Apply the pads, leave them on for 15 minutes, and Voila! You look fresh! Well, you probably look fresh anyways ;)

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