Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Blue Eyeshadow Adventure

"Don't be too serious, it's only makeup." --Francois Nars

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in "Persepolis"That's going to be my makeup mantra from now on! I've rarely ventured from my somewhat conservative nature when it comes to makeup - especially eyeshadow. However, when I received the NARS duo eyeshadow in "Persepolis", I figured What the heck? I used to think that blue eyeshadow was for disco queens in the 70's and 80's. Remember Mrs. Roper from the TV sitcom, Three's Company? She was really diggin' that blue eyeshadow, eh?

There was one time in middle school when I snuck into my mom's makeup bag and tried her blue eyeshadow. Well, she caught me using it and cried, "You look like a clown!" So that instantly gave me a complex about using anything but brown eyeshadow. Needless to say that I probably didn't even know how to apply blue eyeshadow properly. Hence, the clown face.

They say that blue eyeshadow is supposed to be "big" this fall season. And so my adventure with blue eyeshadow was reignited today. Once upon a time I was told by a Mary Kay rep that "...if all else fails, just blend..." And that is just what I did...

I really need a tutorial! I found this tutorial on silver and blue eyeshadow courtesy of Francine of Frantastic Makeup...

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in "Isolde"In the meantime I'll continue with colors that I know, like the NARS duo eyeshadow in "Isolde". I really like how it shines, but it's not too glitter-y.

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  1. Hello! So glad to have chanced upon your blog. I am in this "gold eyeshadow phase" and while searching for a color, the NARS Isolde popped up. But when I checked its color its actually ginger and copper. So I am not sure if I should still get Isolde but it seems like you like this shade. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  2. I could never ever wear blue eyeshadow. Trust me I tried but it never looked right on me. In the end, I stick to neutral colors. Yes, I am boring!

  3. I love NARS duo in Jolie Poupee (purple/blue)- it is the only NARS product i own but i am pretty much in love... Not sure if the blue eyeshadow will look good on my green eyes but I would try the brown or more purple combinations by NARS