Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fashion Tip For High-Heeled Fashionistas

This post is dedicated to those of you who are trekking around the streets of New York City going from runway show to runway show in heels. Why you would want to kill your feet in the name of all things fashionable is something I can relate to as I used to stand eight hours in heels when I worked at Nordstrom!

Killer KushionzThis post is also for those of you who get stinky feet when wearing shoes or your feet slide forward in heels...You know that not-so-pretty toe overhang that looks like your shoes are one size too small ;)

Here's a tip: Try "Killer Kushionz" by Foot Petals. Killer Kushionz are adhered inside the shoe and have this nice lavender scent. I've been using them for my black patent heels because the current insoles aren't very comfortable. I have yet to use them for long-distance walking, but so far I like them!

The Foot Petals brand was masterminded by Tina Aldatz Norris and she has many tips for all your foot problems!

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