Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tyra Banks Takes It All Off...

Tyra Banks Celebrates Her Sept 2008 Cover of Harper's Bazaar...her makeup, that is. If you're a Tyra Banks fan like me, you may have tuned into her show yesterday, the first show of the fourth season!

Tyra trades spots with a viewer who wants to look like a celebrity, so Tyra takes off all her makeup while the viewer gets a huge makeover to look like a cover girl. Tyra even surprises the viewer with a photo shoot - what a transformation!

The takeaway lesson here is that everyone has the potential to look like a celebrity - yes, if we had our own hairdresser and makeup artist. At the same time, celebrities are just everyday people just like you and me. They have their own insecurities they have to deal with.

At the beginning of the show Tyra gives the audience a mirror, red lipstick, and asks them to write down one thing they like about themselves. If I were to write down one thing I like about myself, I would say that I like my eyes. This is an exercise that I challenge you to do as well. What one thing do you like about yourself? Then, every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, find something else about yourself that you like...

Learn more about the Tyra Banks show...

Pictured here is Tyra celebrating her cover of the September 2008 issue of Harper's Bazaar at the Highbar in New York City.
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