Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fashion Week San Diego 2008 Review

After much waiting and anticipation, Fashion Week San Diego made its debut at the Hyatt San Diego. The "Fashion Week" actually got consolidated into four days in which Friday night was the one and only night we got to watch any runway shows.

As with any first-time event, you can expect issues and problems to come up. I remember receiving an email saying that the event was going to be postponed until 2009, but then a week later received another email saying that the event was back on. However, regardless of all the drama, it turned out to be a decent event.

Being a Bi-National event - meaning that there were designers from both Mexico City and Southern California - there was a wide variety of distinct styles. One of my favorite pieces was this purple (of course!) evening dress by Jorge Corella. Ah, I can just picture me walking down the red carpet wearing that dress ;)

Jorge Corella Dress at Fashion Week San Diego 2008

Of course everyone came fashionable dressed, but there was one person I gravitated to for some reason. Her name is Katie and she's a hairdresser at Salon Moselle in Temecula, California. She's pictured here on the left with another hairdresser named Christine. I really, really like her hairstyle and her outfit was very cute - especially her handbag and shoes. Those of you who've read this blog for sometime know how much I emphasize good accessories! And yes, stylish hair counts as an accessory...

Fashion Week San Diego Attendees

I created this video montage with clips from some of the presentations...(Email subscribers can click here to watch the video at YouTube.)

On Saturday I went back to the Hyatt for a meet-and-greet with all the designers who presented on Friday night. I was able to interview a few of them and will share those interviews with you soon. Stay tuned!
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