Monday, November 3, 2008

An Interview With Upcoming San Diego Fashion Designer, Petra O.

Petra ODuring Fashion Week San Diego, there was one fashion designer who really stood out - and not just because she jumped off the runway into the pool! Petra O. really stood out for her sultry designs that really appealed to my inner diva.

I was able to talk briefly with Petra during a meet and greet the day after the runway shows. She was so fun to talk to and I really loved her energy...

MP: What was your inspiration for the collection?

PO: Well, my inspiration is basically the brand...I'm calling it "Watch Me". I don't like to create boring outfits. I need that certain twist in it. People actually have told me that my outfits are sexual, but I don't see why because I cover everything!

MP: How long have you been designing?

PO: I've been designing on and off since I was 21, but I've always been drawing. If you're an artist you have to stay creative. So whatever you do..paint...or theater...I've done all of the above, but I didn't really get into [designing] until last year.

MP: Did you go to school for design?

PO: I went to a community college, actually. I had great teachers and I was so inspired by their passion. I wanted to get classes that helped me and then I was rolling from there!

Petra O's "Watch Me!" Collection

MP: When you were a little girl, was fashion design something that you wanted to do?

PO: Actually, that's funny because I ask kids all the time what they want to be. When you're young you have a good idea, but as you get older you get so caught up with society. You think you have to do that office job because it pays well. When I was young I used to put on fashion shows for my grandparents and family during Christmas and gatherings. I would wrap up my cousins in blankets and have them do a runway show!

MP: Do you plan on doing any other shows besides Fashion Week San Diego?

PO: Oh, yeah, I plan on doing more shows. I don't really like doing basic shows. I like doing performance shows...I'll have the models crawl or rip paper or act something out. Last time I did a show to "Disturbia", that Rhianna song. We did chains and theater.

MP: What do you see for the future of your designs?

PO: I would like to recreate the little black dress. I just love the basic black dress. After all, it's the woman who wears the dress and not the dress who wears the woman. So, I want to accentuate the woman in my outfits.

MP: Is that your main philosophy behind your brand?

PO: I want to create a self-confident woman. If you're going to wear [my clothing], then you definitely have to be self-confident!

Find out more about Petra O by visiting her MySpace page or visit her website, Watch Me! By Petra O.

Me With Petra O
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