Friday, November 21, 2008

Putting On A Pair of Gold Heels...

Las Vegas is a town filled with energy and excitement. It's a place that brings out the sexier, more diva-ish side of women...

One night as I waited for my friends to arrive at the Luxor, I sat in the Starbucks at the hotel to do some people watching. People watching is one of my favorite past-times in this city :) Women dressed to the nines were out ready to get their part-ay on. Parts of the body were just flingin' around everywhere and I wondered if I could ever be so daring to show off my legs in a mini skirt like I did when I was in my 20's.

Nowadays, the closest I get to any kind of Las Vegas type excitement is hanging out on Twitter and browsing the Fashion Show website.

Michael Kors - Disco (Gold Metallic Nappa) - Footwear
However, what really gets me jazzed is putting on a pair of gold heels and pretending that I am back in my 20's...the first time I visited Vegas. It was New Year's 1998, I was with my college roommate, and we had the time of our lives!

Ladies, whatever you do - don't let that youthful feeling get away from you! Even if you have to put on a pair of gold heels like I do to channel that energy - do it!
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  1. There's something about the right pair of shoes isn't there? They just bring everything up a notch. Personally, Lingerie does the same thing me. You put on the right pair or shoes, the right dress, the right bra, and you just feel transformed.