Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tips For Healthier Skin

As the winter approaches I notice that my skin is changing - not just my face but all over my body. Not to mention I seem to have more acne than usual. I attribute that to unnecessary stress!

Over at Total Beauty they've put together some great tips for "fighting acne and aging". I prefer to say "tips for healthier skin". Those of you who've been reading this blog for awhile know that "fighting aging" makes me cringe, so I choose to use words that have more positive connotations ;) content:

Top Tips for Fighting Acne and Aging

Finally, how to nip your two most agonizing skin issues in the bud

Acne is bad enough during your teen years but aging beneath incessant breakouts is no fun either. While you might be thankful your hormones are still raging, keep any negative effects under control (and out of your mirror) by following these tips from top skin doctors and estheticians.

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Also, for those of you who are into skin care using natural products, you'll enjoy this video featuring skin care tips from the ladies over at ExpertVillage.

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  1. One tip I'd like to share is to keep your skin moisturized because this is probably one of the leading causes of wrinkles - besides stress, of course! Also, make sure to keep your face from resting on your hands because the bacteria on your hands can cause acne.