Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chanel's Summer 2008 Makeup Collection

Chanel has come out with their summer palette of beautiful browns and tropical pinks. I was looking at the picture and thinking to myself how alluring the Chanel packaging and presentation is. (A marketer's mind always at work!) Maybe it's because I really like the combination of black, gold, brown, and pink.
Chanel Summer 2008 Makeup Collection

Although I have yet to try Chanel makeup, I do like that I have the option to purchase from their website if I ever do decide to. Not too many "luxury" high-end brands do that (at least not in the clothing department).

For Chanel makeup reviews, visit

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty Quote of the Week

Budding Rose“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”
-- Confucius

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Clothing Fast Challenge

The other day I bought the cutest Heatherette denim shorts. When I got home I opened up one of my dresser drawers and buried at the bottom of the drawer was a pair of denim shorts similar to the pair I just bought. That’s when I realized that I needed to go on a clothing fast.

I felt guilty - oh, so guilty. Guilty of wasting money? Perhaps. Guilty that someone out there is wearing the same thing day in and day out while I have forgotten about a pair of shorts - one of many pairs of shorts? Maybe.

All I know is that my wardrobe is fairly big compared to others around the world. My clothing mentality is “I want! I want!” and the only thing I really need is a pair of black flats. And even then I still question the actual necessity of these flats.

So for the remaining of this month and through the end of April I am going to go on a clothing fast. No clothing purchases! Can I do it? Or will I succumb to the marketing messages I read in fashion magazines that tell me that I “must have” this or that?

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting updates on this clothing fast…

Monday, March 17, 2008

Say "Y.E.S." to Beautiful Skin!

Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture CreamLinda Eastwood isn't just your ordinary skincare product CEO. She's dedicated to helping women look good and feel good about themselves. Not only is Linda a jewelry designer and author of a book titled Simple Solutions for Women!, she's also a model, a teacher, a TV fashion segment producer and on-air personality. Let's also top that with her recent launch of Y.E.S. Young Essential Skincare products!

I've been using the Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream for the past few weeks. It has a creamy/gel consistency with a subtle scent and is absorbed quickly into the face. My skin definitely does feel softer! I've been using cocoa butter for many years, but Y.E.S. Rejuvenating Moisture Cream is now my product of choice.

If you purchase the Y.E.S. moisture cream or anti-aging serum, 30% of the sale goes to Angel Faces, an organization that helps girls with facial disfigurements. If you know me, you know how much I like companies that give back to the community!

Find out more about Linda Eastwood and her products by visiting the Y.E.S. Skincare website or her blog, Simple Solutions for Women!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fall Fashion 2008: Friday Funny Goes to Benjamin Cho

As a fashion blogger who writes about runway fashion over at The Runway Scoop, I'm supposed to keep up with what's going on in the fashion industry. Well, not so much.

So, today I was playing catch-up...going through coverage of New York Fashion Week, and came across this picture from the Benjamin Cho Fall 2008 collection...

Benjamin Cho Fall 2008
Here's a video of the Fall 2008 Benjamin Cho show...

I love a designer with a sense of humor! Cho is well-known for coming up with these quirky outfits. Take, for instance, this piece from his fall 2007 collection. Yes, those are a pair of hands sitting on the model's shoulders...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cosminology: Heavenly Mineral Makeup For Earth Angels

"Don't just believe in miracles...expect them!" That's the philosophy behind the brand, Cosminology - a company that offers mineral makeup for an effective, but natural cover up for skin conditions such as acne or facial scars. It all started when Dr. Dima Ali wanted to camouflage a scar on her face. She created these clinical skincare products and now the company has branched out into mineral make up and vitamins. Cosminology's mineral powder foundation provides sun protection and is also talc-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free.

Mineral makeup by Cosminology
I really like Dr. Dima's thoughts about the mind-body connection in relation to healing (taken from the Cosminology website):
"We talk about the connection between art and science, between quantum physics and ‘universal forces,’ between healing energy and the latest medical/surgical technology...But we must remember that the mind-body connection is the most powerful of all of these in healing "dis-ease.” I had to wonder how much of the accelerated healing of my scar was due to my ability to effectively yet naturally cover it up which in turn made me feel much better and less self-conscious."

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Purple Handbag, Oh, Purple Handbag, Where Art Thou?

One of my fashion resolutions for 2007 was to find a purple handbag. However, until this day I have yet to find a purple (my favorite color) handbag that has caught my fancy...until now. I came across this purple satchel over at Accessory Bug and although it looks very similar to a bag I already have, I really like this shade of purple. However, it looks like they're already sold out on this particular color. I revisited the Accessory Bug website and noticed that only the black one is available...Hmm...I guess it just wasn't mean to be! And the search continues...

By the way, Beauty is Within readers get 10% off at Accessory Bug until 4/30/08. Use the coupon code "spring08" at checkout!

I've created a Squidoo lens dedicated to purple handbags. Click here to discover all kinds of sassy purple handbags!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The "You Are Beautiful" Project

In my blog readings today I came across this website that is dedicated to helping spread the word that "You Are Beautiful". The message has been posted in various parts of the country through graffiti on city walls, posters on buildings, and stickers posted in random places. If you want to help out, you can request stickers and contribute to the project.

By the way, have you told yourself that you are beautiful today?

Melanie of Platinum Blonde Life has posted her reminder...and I'll be posting mine soon!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Plush Robe For a Spa Day!

Zebra Print Plush RobeRecently I wrote about how I wanted to treat myself to a spa day for my birthday. Well, as I plan for this day of pampering, I've been thinking about bringing my own bathrobe with me. Incidentally, I found out about a website that sells a variety of bathrobes, including these luxurious-looking hooded robes and terry robes that are perfect to put on after a nice warm shower or bath. It's something about a nice, comfy robe that screams of peace and relaxation! Who says you have to only enjoy plush robes at spas and fancy hotels?

Some cultures wear robes as part of their everyday wear. Think about the kimonos worn by the Japanese. The Chinese are also famous for their intricately-designed silk robes. I love the ease of putting on a wrap-dress which I'm sure was inspired by robes. Although Diane Von Furstenberg put wrap-dresses on the fashion map, I'd like to see more of these types of dresses for the spring.

If you're looking for bathrobes, make sure to check out Plush Robes! They offer personalized monogrammed robes plus you can include a free greeting card if you're sending the robe to someone as a gift. Remember that Mother's Day is coming up!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring 2008 Handbag Styles: My Top Picks

Oscar de la Renta clutch purseSpring is practically here and it's time to start thinking about how to revamp that wardrobe! One of the best ways to keep yourself looking fresh with the latest styles without having to break the bank is to invest in a few quality handbags. Believe me, a nice handbag will always make your outfit look new! Various styles of handbags were sent down the runways this season, so there's something for every handbag lover to admire. Here are my top handbag styles for this spring:

Ethnic patterns. Wood beaded, tribal themed, clutch purses were shown in the Oscar de la Renta show. This is the type of handbag you could wear with just about anything. It could be used as an evening purse with a little black dress or worn dressed-down with a pair of jeans and a casual peasant top.

Metallics. Metallics have been popular the past few seasons and it looks like they are here for another season! Shiny gold over-the-shoulder and clutch purses were seen in the Burberry, Michael Kors and Baby Phat shows, among others.

Hobos. This is another style that has been around for the last few seasons. The reason why it's so popular is because it can hold just about everything and anything! I especially like hobo bags because I can carry reading material (think about those long lines at the bank!), a makeup bag, my digital camera, and a notebook for jotting down thoughts, ideas, and things to do.

Bold, vibrant colors. I really liked the colorful Louis Vuitton purses designed by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs collaborated with artist Richard Prince to produce these whimsical handbags that some believe should be carried by teenagers, not grown women! I happen to like the cartoon prints and odd mix of spray painted colors. Pucci is another brand that used vibrant colors and abstract designs. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Art-inspired. Louis Vuitton wasn't the only brand to come out with artsy-looking handbags. Prada's Fairy bag received quite a bit of attention from fashion editors. Who says art has to be hung up on walls? Why not carry it around with you all the time?!?

Floral prints. As an artist who loves to photograph flowers, I enjoy many of the floral-printed handbags that came out this spring.

. In my book, any kind of clutch-style purse will always be in season. Clutch purses in all kinds of colors, sizes and designs will be making their way into handbag lovers' closets this spring. Pictured here is the Michael Kors Sutton Patent Clutch

Of course let's not forget that a basic black, basic white, or brown handbag is great for everyday wear! If you are going to stick with these basic colors, I do recommend investing in a bag that will stand the test of time. Remember that you can find quality handbags just about anywhere. Just because I mentioned designer names doesn't mean you have to buy these brands to be considered "in style". I have found good handbags in all kinds of places including flea markets, discount stores, and outlets.

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