Saturday, April 26, 2008

Get Mother's Day Gift Ideas at theTriBeCa Medspa Trunk Show

Mother's Day is around the corner, so if you need gift ideas and you're going to be in New York on May 1st, you may be interested in the TriBeCa MedSpa Trunk Show! Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served ;) Food, fashion, and beauty...what a great combination ;) To register for the event, visit:

Friday, April 25, 2008

For the Bargain Hunter: Piperlime's Final Shoe Sale

With winter behind us, retailers want to get rid of all that fall/winter inventory - which means it's the perfect time to find deals for next fall and winter! (Ah, who cares if it's last season's stuff!) I was browsing Piperlime's Final Sale and came across quite a few shoes I think could still be worn during the summer and into the fall.

Metallics are still pretty big, so I'm thinking about this pair of Steve Madden's. Normally $80, it's on sale for $31.97...and now you can get an extra 15% off on top of the sale price!

Piperlime's secret sale! Enjoy 15% off women’s final sale shoes, already up to 70% off. Enter TOPSECRET at checkout by April 27.

Aw, crap, I just remembered that I was on a clothing fast! No shoes for me ;(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keep Celebrating the Earth with Organic Fashion and Beauty Products

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop thinking about nature! As someone who likes to promote natural beauty and organic products, it’s nice to know that so many companies are catching onto this wave of eco-consciousness.
  • Essere Organics is a company that is dedicated to "bringing nature to your doorstep". Not only do they offer organic beauty products, but they also sell products for the home and the baby too ;)
  • Earthchild offers earth-inspired clothing and hopes to promote social conscience and real ethical values. The company also started the Earth Child Project which teaches kids about being responsible young leaders. Love it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Project: Create Your Own Lipstick Case

In honor of Earth Day and my contribution to saving the planet, I'm going to share a very simple project that you can do in 5 minutes...A cute little lipstick case!

I used one of those metal Altoids mints holder for this lipstick case. If you're a sticker collector like me, all you have to do is gather some of your favorite stickers together or you could even break out acrylic paints if you really want to get fancy ;)


Makeup or Lipstick Case

I carry my lipstick, those small perfume samples, a spare battery for my voice recorder, and any loose change in my case. I have another box that I'm going to use as a business card holder.

What kind of projects are you doing for Earth Day?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Call For Guest Bloggers!

I'm currently looking for a few guest bloggers over at The Runway Scoop. If you have photos, commentary, or news to share about the fashion industry or runway shows, I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email: maria [at] therunwayscoop [dot] com

Friday, April 18, 2008

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash: Beauty Product Review

For many years I used just plain ole soap when I took a shower. Well, sometimes I'd use Bath and Bodywork's shower gel, but that started to break the bank a little - especially if you wanted a bottle of every scent!

Recently I've been seeing all those Aveeno commercials on TV which piqued my curiosity. Then one day I noticed a bottle of the Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash in my shower. My brother or his girlfriend accidentally left it during their visit. So, I tried it out and liked it ;) I put it on a face towel and scrubbed my body. The real test was to see if it would dry out my skin... So I didn't put on any lotion after my shower. Even after 12 hours after my shower I still don't have to put on lotion. I believe that less is more when it comes to putting products on your skin. I think that's part of the reason why so many people have skin cancer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inner Beauty Tip: Take Some Time Out to Treat Yourself

All this spring activity of doing taxes and cleaning and purging can take a toll on your body! Not to mention it's time for new pillows because I keep waking up with cramps in my neck. This Organic Relaxing Essential Oil Blend from L'OCCITANE is calling my name right now. Breathe in...and breathe out that wonderful scent!

It's important to take some time out to treat yourself every now and then. Everyday stress is what makes us look older! Take care of your inner beauty - your mind and spirit - and it will take care of you...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Horror on TV: Kiddie Beauty Pageants

The other day I was flippin' TV channels and came across this VH1 show, Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown. What the @*!? I was mortified to see these little girls being primped up like little porcelain dolls just to engage in a beauty pageant. I know, I know - I shouldn't be judgmental, but I think it's heartbreaking to think how these girls will grow up to be insecure and constantly thinking about their looks.

What do you tell your little girl when they don't win? Oh sorry, Honey, but you just weren't as pretty as the winner. Why would you want to put your little girl through that?

In one scene a mother was attempting to put lip gloss on her daughter and the daughter just wasn't in the mood...

"I have to do this!" the mother exclaimed.

"You don't HAVE to do anything!" the daughter shouted back. Hilarious!

Here's a little clip of the show...

I'm not sure what compelled me to watch the entire show, but I was just awestruck that this kind of stuff still goes on. Well, what would make me think otherwise, I don't know. Note to self: Stay away from VH1!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update: The Clothing Fast Challenge

A few weeks ago I said that I was going on a clothing fast - meaning that I wasn't going to make any clothing purchases throughout the month of April. It's been pretty easy for me so far because I've basically stayed away from any retail stores or malls. However, I am constantly online and come across some very cute stuff!

So, have I been successful so far in this challenge? have to say No. I blame it on my birthday :) I received a couple gift certificates to and purchased two pairs of shoes. However, I have to return them anyways because they just didn't fit right!

In my defense I have to say that I really do need these shoes. They weren't just some frivolous purchase. I do need a pair of black flats...and the puppy chewed through the only pair of black heels I have, so those are needed as well.

Well, only 20 more days until the challenge is over!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bongo Is Still Around?

If you grew up in the same fashion era as I did, you probably remember when the Bongo brand was huge. HUGE. It was probably as big as Guess when they had those acid-washed jeans with the zipper at the ankles. All you 80's fashion fans know what I'm talking about!

Well, I had no idea that Bongo was still even around until I came across these photos of Kim Kardashian who is the "new face" of Bongo sporting Bongo gear at their fall launch in Los Angeles...

Kim Kardashian for Bongo Fall 2008
And speaking of Bongo, I did come across these cute Bongo dressy ballet flats that would be great for fall...
Bongo Women's Minnie ballet flat

Saturday, April 5, 2008

How To Wear the Latest Hat Fashion

One of my favorite style shows to watch is "What Not to Wear" with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. I love seeing women being transformed from drab to fab ;) Well, recently Stacy got her own show "Fashionably Late with Stacy London" and she had hat designer Eugenia Kim (who's written a book, Saturday Night Hat: Quick, Easy Hatmaking for the Downtown Girl) come on to talk about how to wear the latest hat fashion. Here's a video clip of the segment...

I think I'm the only person I know who loves to wear hats. I wear everything from baseball hats to berets to big floppy hats. There's something about a hat that just makes the outfit look more put together. Here's just a very small sample of the hats that I own...

The Hat Collection
For the summer I think my next purchase will be a big white hat like the Helen Kaminski Organdy Hat pictured here...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Curél Targeted Therapy Cream

Curel Targeted Therapy Hand & Cuticle Cream
So, I celebrated a birthday last week. Can you believe I actually forgot how old I am? I had to calculate it in my head...Ok, so I was born in... Most women my age start to look at their face and really scrutinize every line and sun spot, but me...Well, I've been looking at my hands and noticing every crevice, knuckle wrinkle, and vein. Are my hands looking old? I used to see my mom put hands on her lotion every night before bed and now it's my turn!

I know that I shouldn't really fret over such things. After all, I'm not going to be the pianist that I used to dream of being when I was a little girl. Nobody really pays attention to hands, right? Besides, it's all about what's inside that counts ;) And nowadays there are inventions like lotions and creams that can make your hands lookin' smooth!

This week I've been trying out Curél's new Targeted Therapy Cream which contains soy milk, monoi oil (an interesting blend of Tahitian tiare flower and coconut oil), and of course, Vitamin E...

The cream goes on a little greasy for me (I'm used to using thicker lotions), but then it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does make my hands noticeably soft after just one use - as stated on the bottle. Even after washing my hands I don't have to reapply the cream. And for me that's pretty exciting because I like everything to be low-maintenance ;)

Check out another review of Curél's Targeted Therapy Hand & Cuticle Cream over at The Makeup Girl. Available at drug stores nationwide or

By the way, Curél Skincare and Redbook magazine are inviting women to share their stories about experiencing changes in one of a woman’s milestones: pregnancy, menopause, or the first signs of aging. The winning stories will be published in Redbook magazine's July 2008 issue. You can also win a trip to New York City to share your story with the media! For more information visit:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Laser Hair Removal: No More Ugly Hair Stubs!

For many years now I've been using good ole fashioned razors to shave my legs and armpits, but because my hair is slightly thick and dark, I get these not-so-pretty stubs that grow back after a day or two. I found out about the Hair Removal Forum that has electrolysis hair removal information. This site will help you learn more about hair removal with links to trusted resources in the industry.

Check out this hair removal guidebook if you're thinking about electrolysis.

If you want to take the sting out of hair removal, read this article about body sugaring.

And for some laughs, read this story about someone's adventure in using wax to remove hair.

Have you tried laser hair removal before? How was the experience?