Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be a Smart Shopper

One of my weekly blog reads is The Budget Fashionista and I wanted to share this excellent post, Personal Finance Advice: Think Like a Marketing Executive.

Whenever I pick up something in the store and have plans on buying it, I ask myself, "Do I really need this?" The clothing fast challenge I did a few months ago really opened my eyes to how much money I spend on things I don't need.

Are you a smart shopper? How much money do you spend on unnecessary items? Do you really need another black dress?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Sunglass Fetish

I have fetishes. Purse fetish...shoe fetish...and now a sunglass fetish. It used to be that I'd buy a pair and wear it for a couple years, but for whatever reason I find myself spending a great deal of time lately shopping for sunglasses.

My latest find was purchased at the local swap meet this weekend for a mere $5. Ok, so I'm cheap when it comes to sunglasses, but I just can't get myself to part with $200 for designer glasses. I wanted to splurge last year, but it didn't quite happen. Besides, these look just as stylish as any pair with a logo on it, no?

There are so many styles of womens sunglasses - and even though I'm not one to follow trends so much, I do like the oversized sunglasses that are reminiscent of the 70's and 80's. I really like this pair that this model wore during the Tibi Resort runway show at Miami Fashion Week which took place last week...

I also like these glasses that have a slight colored tint to them...

Sunglasses add instant style to any outfit. However, even if you could care less about whether or not you you're wearing stylish sunglasses, I highly recommend wearing a pair just you could have some UV ray protection for your eyes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Beauty Travel Essentials

Summertime is travel time and there are certain beauty products I can't leave home without...

Fresh Breath!DentaBurst™ Freshening Teeth Cleaners - This is a great alternative to carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse. Traveling or not, I always keep these in my purse because I have a paranoia about having bad breath. I absolutely love these disposable teeth cleaners because they make my mouth feel fresh and clean as if I've just brushed my teeth. Very good for those dinners with a ceasar salad! No more bad breath paranoia for me ;)Skinsational blemish treatment

Skinsational Emergency Blemish Treatment - Whenever I travel, I tend to breakout because of trips to places with hot weather (like Vegas) and my face sweats like crazy. Makeup, sweat, and dirt aren't a great combination in case you didn't know! I just zap those blemishes with this anti-bacterial treatment that contains Vitamin C, centella, and green tea Kenzo RYOKO Eau de Toiletteextracts.

Kenzo RYOKO Eau de Toilette - I love these little travel-friendly fragrance pebbles that were designed by Karim Rashid. The little pebble fits into the palm of your hand and the scent is very refreshing! I have the light blue one: "L'eau par Kenzo pour femme". To me it smells like cucumber and watermelon....yum ;) The Kenzo RYOKO collection is only available through the fall.
Lavilin underarm deodorant
Lavilin Deodorant Cream - When I'm traveling sometimes I forget to put on deodorant. However, with this Lavilin deodorant cream that keeps me odor free up to 7 days, I don't have to worry anymore! I was a bit skeptical at first - an alcohol and aluminum-free herbal deodorant that can last 7 days?? Well, I tried it and yes, it does work! Even through the showers and summer heat it works. All you need is a little bit...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spread Beauty to Other Women

When you live in the U.S. or any country where you have necessities readily available, you can easily take things for granted. Many women have makeup, fashion, and other beauty products overflowing in their bathrooms while there are women in other countries who would be ecstatic just to have a chapstick in their purse - if they even have a purse.

Every morning I wake up and give thanks for all that I'm given. I have an abundant life and I sincerely wish that every woman could have what I have. There are women in other countries who don't have the opportunities that I have. I truly believe that if there were more empowered girls and women out there, the world would be a much stronger place.

That said, I'd like to introduce to you a website called The Girl Effect. There are many projects available for girls to become involved with and if you've been thinking about how you could make a difference in the world, this is your chance! There's also a group on Facebook that you can join to help spread the word or meet other supporters. Thanks to Sarah Conley of StyleIt for sharing this.

Here's a video overview of The Girl Effect...

Giving back to the community is what makes you even more beautiful!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fashion Quote of the Week

"Clothes are never a frivolity; They always mean something." --James Laver
Highheels, Obsession

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Perfect Wedding Ring For Me

Summer time is usually the time when many weddings are held and lately I've been finding myself gravitating towards wedding magazines or browsing through wedding websites. I got engaged this past Valentine's Day, but it still hasn't really sunk it yet. I actually haven't given it much thought until this past week! You see, I was never one of those little girls that dreamed about the "perfect" wedding.

However, that's changed somewhat...

I'm still not looking for the perfect wedding, but ideas will come to mind on things that I want to do - nothing too traditional though. I think about wearing purple shoes instead of white shoes...getting married on a beach on some exotic island with just close friends and family...having customer wedding rings made...IEngraved wedding band even caught myself watching a wedding episode of Martha Stewart yesterday and usually I don't pay attention to those kinds of shows!

One of the most important things to me - more important than getting the right dress - is the wedding ring. The circle for me symbolizes unity in all things, so the custom wedding bands have to be just right. I'll probably have a short poem I've written or our vows engraved in the inside of the rings as shown in the picture here.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing ideas and tips for wedding fashion and beauty as I come across information. Stay tuned!