Friday, August 29, 2008

On the Plus Side: Sarah Conley's Fashion Week Documentary

Fashion Week in New York is just around the corner and I'm very excited to see the upcoming Spring 2009 runway shows. I won't be there in New York, but there will be plenty of blogger friends there keeping us updated!

One such friend is Sarah Conley of who is also part of the Coutorture team. Sarah will be doing something different this fashion week, though...

In a fashion world full of skinny models - where the idea that skinny is "in", Sarah will be sharing her Fashion Week experience as part of a web-based mini documentary. But this won't be your ordinary fashion week coverage. You see, Sarah is a "Plus Size" woman who stands at 6 feet 2 inches. Most women would wallow in self-pity and let that stop them from doing the things they want to do in life. However, Sarah is as bubbly as she can be and she'll be sharing her perspective of what it's like to navigate through this skinny world.

I think it's awesome (oh, I'm showing my age by using that word!) that Sarah is doing this. Her project certainly ties in with the philosophy of this blog - that beauty is indeed within. We spend far too much time judging others when we should be working on making ourselves better people. There is so much more to people than what we see on the outside.

Stay tuned next week because I'll be sharing more about Sarah and her journey at Fashion Week! Read more about Sarah's project, On the Plus Side.

Shopping for plus-size clothing? Read these fashion tips and shop for plus size floral dresses...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recession-Proof On-the-Go Beauty – Everything Under $10!

  • Beauty On the GoDon’t let a bit of lettuce in your teeth embarrass you ever again! New Oral-B Advantage Floss Picks make flossing easier and is perfect for on-the-go flossing – they even fit in the smallest clutch – so you’ll never have to worry about a “food-stuck-in-your-teeth” moment again. Oral-B Picks provide a more complete clean! The Cool Mint flavor freshens while the Texture-Slide™ floss fiber that effectively cleans, is shred resistant and slides easily between teeth. Now that’s something to smile about. ($3.49, avail Sept)
  • Never be unprepared for a windy hair day or an outfit calamity. Always make sure to stick in 2 bobby pinks and 2 safety pins in your purse. This way you’ll be ready to take on any mishap in a snap! And be sure to pick up the Goody bobby pins color line – they blend in with your hair color for unnoticeable hair items. ($1.95)
  • Being germ free is a must! Why not get great smelling hands at the same time. Toss in Bath and Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Foaming Sanitizer in Coconut Lime Verbena—you won’t even know you’re on the heels of chilly Fall and Winter weather with this beachy-scent. ($4)
  • Cover up small blemishes on the go with a lightly medicated formula that heals with time-released salicylic acid. Physicians Formula Blemish Rx Healing Concealer makes a great instant “imperfection-hider” ($8.95)
  • Pink it up! Brighten your day with poppin’ lips. Sonia Kashuk makes a great, affordable line available at Target. The Sonia Kashuk lip color and plumping glossy tint in Passion Fruit will definitely make your day more passionate. ($9.99)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Maternity Clothes For the Stylish Mama-To-Be

maternity dressAlthough I've never been pregnant, I have friends and family who have kids and one of the challenges they face is how to look fashionable and stylish. "I feel like such a fat slob!" was a complaint I recently heard from a friend who is four months pregnant.

I think it's just a matter of finding clothes that make you feel confident and stylish. So maybe you don't feel like walking around the mall when you have a big bundle sitting in your belly, but no worries because can shop from the comfort of your pj's! You can find stylish maternity clothes at online shops like Due Maternity.

Ok, who says you can't be a hot-looking mama-to-be in an outfit like this! You could wear this maternity dress with leggings and heels like it's pictured here...or you could wear the dress by itself with a pair of sandals or boots. Add even more flair with a fun hat, a scarf, and a bling-bling bracelet for the fall season.

maternity skinny jeansI've never seen a pregnant woman in skinny jeans, but it's nice to know that they're available! The Maternal America Skinny America Jeans are a new addition to the collection of maternity clothes available at Due.

Also, check out this other great online shop for trendy maternity clothes...

And if all else fails, just wear some red lipstick...That always makes me feel sassy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Purple Handbags Craze Continues

Yes, purple is the color for the fall 2008 fashion season, so as a tribute to my search for the perfect purple handbag, I decided to create a purple handbags lens over at Squidoo. In one section of the lens you can vote on your favorite purple handbag. I've copied the list into the sidebar to the right of the blog so you can vote there too!

Recently I came across this Yves Saint Laurent Large Muse Large Zip Top Bagicon. It just oozes of luxury and style. I've always believed that a nice, quality handbag always makes any drab outfit look good ;)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Fresh and Rejuvenated With Elizabeth Grant's Skin Care

Back in 1958 Elizabeth Grant discovered a natural substance used to treat war wounds and began using it on her damaged skin. This began her journey into helping other people achieve beautiful skin and thus, the Elizabeth Grant skin care line was born. 50 years later the company is still going strong and natural beauties everywhere, including Ms. J-Lo, are raving about these products. Elizabeth Grant has patented her miracle forumla, Torricelumn, which includes ingredients from the deep ocean floor.

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C treatmentBefore I started using the Vitamin C Treatment (Day and Night), I was applying vitamin C serum and then a moisturizer over the serum. However, for me, Elizabeth Grant's Vitamin C treatment is enough. It's a moisturizer that is infused with Vitamin C, so it's basically all I need to put on my face before I apply my makeup during the day or at night before I go to bed.

When I first saw the Caviar Rejuvenating Eye Pads, I was a bit hesitant. Fish eggs under my eyes? Sounds very luxurious, exotic, but a bit icky ;) Come to find out that the eye pads are just dipped in caviar's omega 3 fatty acids. Well, I decided to pamper myself with a spa day at home and I tried out the eye pads. Rejuvenating? Yes. Luxurious? Yes. I can feel the puffy and saggy skin under my eyes start to tighten up even after one use. Apply the pads, leave them on for 15 minutes, and Voila! You look fresh! Well, you probably look fresh anyways ;)

Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Small Poster
Breast cancer has been a huge issue for women and I've been hearing many stories lately about women who have overcome it. Doing a search for breast cancer statistics, I came across this page at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention website that says that in 2004, there were 186,772 women and 1,815 men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Recently I received an email from Kristen Nelson, the VP of Business Development at, who revealed to the blogger community that she was diagnosed with breast cancer just a little over a month ago. I met Kristen in L.A. at the launch party for Total Beauty...such a nice person! Also, I saw a TV interview with Christina Applegate the other day where she talks about her battle with breast cancer. She decided to go through a bilateral mastectomy because she just didn't want to have to deal with chemo and treatments.

Thankfully I don't have a history of cancer in my family (that I know of), but I think it's important to raise awareness and do whatever we can to help the cause. I truly believe that there is a cure out there. In fact, I met someone a couple years ago who is working with a doctor in Mexico and this doctor is researching holistic cures for cancers and diseases. He told me that there are so many alternatives to chemotherapy, but the government here in the U.S. won't allow it for whatever reason.

So, how do you reduce the risk of getting breast cancer? Here are my thoughts:
  • Eat healthy. This means no microwaveable foods! There are so many hormones and chemicals put into processed foods these days and I'm pretty sure it greatly affects the cells in our bodies. If you can, try to eat as much organic food as possible.
  • Maintain a sunny disposition. Overall I think that people who are happy are less likely to get sick. Stressing out never helped anyone!
  • Exercise on a daily or weekly basis.
Have any tips, advice, or stories to share about breast cancer?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hair Product Review: Marco Pelusi Leave-In Conditioner

Guest Review: Marco Pelusi Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

Rated 9.5 by Editor Charli Schuler

It's easy to see why Marco Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard is hairstylist Marco Pelusi's signature product. Just one or two pumps miraculously detangle knots and tame frizz on all hair types. ...More

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Purple Handbag Search Ends...Or Not

Welcome to Fashion ValleyGood things come when you least expect it. A month ago my family from Vancouver B.C. came to visit and my fashion designer cousin wanted to check out the malls here in San Diego. Of course, she fell in love with Fashion Valley.

And I fell in love with a purple handbag in Aldo.

Those of you regular readers know that I’ve been on the hunt for a purple handbag. I really loved the Miu Miu Nappa Bowling Bag, but I don’t think I love it as much as this purple Aldo handbag. Besides, Aldo’s prices are a bit more affordable. Just a tad bit.

Being the fairly organized person that I think I am, I like that this bag has two compartments and little side pockets to hold my phone or keys. I also love the gold hardware - makes it look sassy. The only issue that I do have with this purse is that the inside material sometimes gets caught in the zippers.

This particular handbag is called the "Elroinde". (Where do they come up with these names?!?) It's available in black patent, beige, teal, and light yellow.

Purple Handbag

Is this now the end of the hunt for a purple handbag? Probably not! I think I may start a collection…

Free Shipping at

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fight Frizzy Hair

Hair Product Challenge: Frizz Fighters

These product reviews reveal which formulas tame fine, thick, wavy and curly hair ... and which are a waste of money...

We painstakingly perused your ratings and reviews of anti-frizz products to find out which ones made your repeat purchase list and which fell short of your expectations. Soak up the feedback and use it to your advantage next time you're shopping for the perfect frizz-fighting formula for your hair type and beauty budget. ...More

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lavender Floral Water: A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Lavender floral water by Nuvo CosmeticsI love the sunshine of summer, but the heat and mugginess I could do without! Not only does my face get very oily during the summer, but I just can't stand sweaty armpits (I've tried every deodorant and still nothing works!) and that overall icky feeling. Sometimes in the middle of the day I'll even hop in the shower for two minutes just to rinse off in cool water.

Lately my saving grace has been this lavender floral water that's produced by Nuvo Cosmetics. When I need a quick pick-me-up I spray it on my face. I know that lavender is good for helping you sleep at night, but what I didn't know is that it can help normalize any skin type as well as treat skin problems. I just love how it feels when I spray the lavender floral water on my face. I'm instantly rejuvenated and energized!

Find out more about the natural health benefits and healing uses of lavender...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hairstyle Tips For Women on the Go

17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Up 'dos mere mortals like us can actually replicate at home. With a few (and only a few) key products and styling tools, you can quickly give yourself a salon-worthy 'do. And hey, if you hate it, try a different one -- at least you haven't blown 60 bucks and a hour of precious time on it....More

White Before and After Labor Day is Fine With Me

Fall is my favorite time of the year and even though it doesn't get as cold in San Diego as places on the East Coast, I still love to dress in fall clothing. And I don't believe that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day! Today was a "window shopping" day for me and as I browsed through the Saks website, I fell in love with these boots and handbags...

I've always been afraid to buy a white handbag for the simple fact that it could get dirty so easily, but if I owned either of these white handbags by Prada or Gucci, I think I'd be inclined to take good care of them.

There's something about a nice pair of boots that can really make your outfit pop. These white boots by Gucci are "Fab" (Sorry, couldn't think of a better adjective!)

Men's General

Friday, August 15, 2008

Guest Review: Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Wash

Guest Review: Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Wash

Rated a 9 by Editor Sarah Carrillo

Fans of vanilla will feel like they're in heaven when using Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Wash. The smell is so incredible, it took willpower not to try and drink the bottle....More

Widening Your Fashion Horizons

There was a time when I thought that most of the fashion that came down the runways were "ugly". I would ask, Who would be crazy enough to wear that out in public...or How do you wear that?

As I get older and become more mature, my taste in fashion has become more discerning. At the same time, what I found to be ugly before has become aesthetically pleasing - more like a work of art, if you will. I find my fashion horizons widening as I learn more about designers from other countries. I embrace innovation and change in the way clothes are designed and don't base my opinions on what I hear many conservative San Diegans say about fashion. I guess you could say that I'm a Cali girl with a New York sense of style. A few of my friends have told me this but I didn't realize this until I started writing about fashion over The Runway Scoop. Oh yeah, maybe my fashion sense is a little more East Coast than West Coast.

That said, I'd like to share with you some interesting designs I came across as I browsed through photos from Fashion Week in Australia. I share them with hopes that perhaps you may widen your fashion horizons as well...

These two pieces come from the New Guarde Collection for Spring 2009...

New Guarde Collection Spring 2009I really like the collection from Charlie Brown. Must be the hippie girlie-girl in me...

Charlie Brown Spring 2009 at Australian Fashion Week

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top 10 Celebrity Makeup No-No's

Over the next week I'll be trying something new here at Beauty Is Within. Every day I'll post content from - like hair tips, celebrity looks, and beauty product reviews. This first post deals with the Top 10 makeup no-no's. Make sure you don't go out lookin' like some of these celebrities!

Top 10 Makeup Felonies

No one is innocent, not even Paris Hilton. Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles tells which beauty crimes to avoid

Before you make up your next face, there are 10 crucial no-nos you need to know. (Chances are you're guilty of at least one of them.) To ensure that your best efforts aren't wasted, we asked celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles to explain why these common mistakes really are that bad ... as if fear of looking like one of these celebrity offenders isn't enough....More

Monday, August 11, 2008

By Malene Birger Stands Out at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York is only weeks away, but there are other parts of the world that are getting a jump start on sharing with us what we can expect to see for Spring 2009. Copenhagen Fashion Week took place last week and is organized by the Danish Fashion Institute.

I browsed through photos from many of the collections, but the only one that really stood out to me was Malene Birger's collection called By Malene Birger. It's edgy, yet very sophisticated...

By Malene Birger Spring 2009By Malene Birger at Copenhagen Fashion Week