Friday, November 28, 2008

Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips

I love learning different ways to make yourself more beautiful using natural products! Our friends over at have put together some easy recipes...
Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips

Take control over your skin care (and improve your cooking skills) with easy DIY recipes you can make at home

Looking for some creative (and cheap) ideas for holiday gifts? These beauty recipes make great personalized gifts for all your girlfriends, and they're a cinch to do.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty and Fashion Sales

Cyber Monday online salesToday is the beginning of the holiday shopping season! For many of you I'm sure this is an exciting time with all the great deals out there. As for me, well, I decided that I would just sleep in this year and just do my holiday shopping online ;) There was no way that I was going to get up at the crack of dawn to stand in all those lines!

If you're like me and would rather shop in your pajamas at home, you may want to check out some of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sales I came across...
Benefit Cosmetics LLC

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Holiday Gift For the Handbag Lover

For any handbag lover, there can never be enough black handbags in the closet. If you have a person in your life with a handbag fetish (and that may be most women!), I think the best holiday gift you can give is a nice quality black handbag. Who wouldn't love receiving a really nice handbag as a gift?
The Sak Handbags - California Classic Leather Satchel (Black Patent) - Bags and Luggage
As I made my own gift wish list, I did some "window" shopping online and came across this classic black handbag by The Sak. It's made of patent leather and has outside pockets for easy access to keys or lipgloss.

Ivy black handbag
This next black bag called the "Ivy" may be a little bit pricey for a holiday gift, but if you win some big cash from the lottery, then it might be ok to drop a few hundred for this gift. It's more a backpack than a handbag, but it's a great holiday gift for the frequent traveler. I don't know about you, but I like to be stylish when I'm traveling too...
Calvin Klein - Crinkle Patent East/West Satchel (Black) - Bags and Luggage
Here's another classic black handbag by Calvin Klein. This one is timeless and if taken care of properly, will stand the test of time - a great black handbag for the "career" woman.

Heidi Klum's Style Advice

Heidi Klum is one of my favorite models because she's so real and down-to-earth - not to mention she has this inner beauty that radiates.

This video features Heidi doing the cover shoot for the December 2008 issue of InStyle Magazine. She dishes a bit of style advice and shares her thoughts about those times when she was labeled a "Don't"...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Putting On A Pair of Gold Heels...

Las Vegas is a town filled with energy and excitement. It's a place that brings out the sexier, more diva-ish side of women...

One night as I waited for my friends to arrive at the Luxor, I sat in the Starbucks at the hotel to do some people watching. People watching is one of my favorite past-times in this city :) Women dressed to the nines were out ready to get their part-ay on. Parts of the body were just flingin' around everywhere and I wondered if I could ever be so daring to show off my legs in a mini skirt like I did when I was in my 20's.

Nowadays, the closest I get to any kind of Las Vegas type excitement is hanging out on Twitter and browsing the Fashion Show website.

Michael Kors - Disco (Gold Metallic Nappa) - Footwear
However, what really gets me jazzed is putting on a pair of gold heels and pretending that I am back in my 20's...the first time I visited Vegas. It was New Year's 1998, I was with my college roommate, and we had the time of our lives!

Ladies, whatever you do - don't let that youthful feeling get away from you! Even if you have to put on a pair of gold heels like I do to channel that energy - do it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Do Michael Kors and Candy Stores Have In Common?

Michael Kors Catalog CoverI wish you could have seen my face when I walked into the new Michael Kors store at Fashion Valley. I was just like a kid in a candy store. I was in fashion-candy heaven.

The salesgirl (Marilyn) commented on my purple handbag and I told her that purple was my favorite color. Big mistake. Marilyn proceeded to tell me about a few purple handbags that were on sale. She was so good at telling me all the features and benefits of each purse. Oh, but I stood my ground. I was not about to let Marilyn take away $268 of my cash...although the offer was so tempting!

Marilyn was actually very genuine and nice as was the other salesgirl. Can't really say that for other fancy stores in Fashion Valley. You know those stores where you're afraid to even touch anything? I give props to Michael Kors for keeping it "real".

The Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2009 collection is reminiscent of my high school days when all I wore was black and white. Polka dots and stripes were a big thing for me as well. Everything about this spring collection is classic! Now I'm wishing that I didn't get rid of all my polka dot clothes.

Check out this video clip from the show...

Michael Kors Perfume by Michael Kors, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women
Here's a holiday gift idea for the Michael Kors fan in your life: Michael Kors Perfume, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion Tip: Mix It Up

Fashion TipsFashion is a personal thing and it's important that you find your own style that best expresses who you are. There are many fashion stylists and magazines who will tell you what's "in style" and what's "out". Everyone has an opinion of what's good fashion and what's bad, right?

I'm not here to tell you how to dress, however, I will tell you that you should dress the way that compliments your body and feels good to you.

That said, I would like to share a fashion tip that has worked for me. Because my clothing budget doesn't allow me to splurge on all designer pieces for my wardrobe, I've had to compromise by purchasing low-end items and mix it up with high-end items.
I've always believed that spending more on accessories like shoes or handbags is a good investment. In my opinion, wearing a $29 dress with a really nice handbag will make you look more stylish than wearing a $300 dress with a cheap-o pair of shoes.

Have a fashion tip to share?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall and Winter Boots: Deals and Steals

Fall is my favorite time of the year because I can break out with my boots and sweaters. However, I'm very excited about being able to wear boots with my dresses and jeans!

Here are a few "deals and steals" that I found today while shopping for boots...

Sienna Tailored Boot
This Sienna Tailored Boot by Payless is very stylish with its menswear wingtip detailing. Beauty Is Within readers can get $5 off your $60 Purchase!
Enter Code: PSS5OFF60 at checkout.

Gabriella Rocha - Bree (Camel Synthetic Suede) - Footwear

The Gabriella Rocha "Bree" comes in this very nice camel color that would complement a cream-colored dress. It was $85 at but has been reduced to $68. What's great about shopping at Zappos is that you get free shipping BOTH ways.

Women's shoes: Franco Sarto June - Chocolate
I'm a big fan of riding boots because I can wear them pretty much all day without getting sore feet. These
Franco Sarto's riding boots
in chocolate cost $189 at Piperlime - which may not be considered a "deal" for some of you, but trust me, these will last a looonnnggg time. I have a pair of Franco Sarto boots that are still going strong after six years of wear!

Now, if you've never worn boots before and want to learn how you, too, can be the stylish diva you were meant to be, check out this article by Roddy Jones: How to Wear Boots for Fall.

Shoe Deals at Piperlime

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tips For Healthier Skin

As the winter approaches I notice that my skin is changing - not just my face but all over my body. Not to mention I seem to have more acne than usual. I attribute that to unnecessary stress!

Over at Total Beauty they've put together some great tips for "fighting acne and aging". I prefer to say "tips for healthier skin". Those of you who've been reading this blog for awhile know that "fighting aging" makes me cringe, so I choose to use words that have more positive connotations ;) content:

Top Tips for Fighting Acne and Aging

Finally, how to nip your two most agonizing skin issues in the bud

Acne is bad enough during your teen years but aging beneath incessant breakouts is no fun either. While you might be thankful your hormones are still raging, keep any negative effects under control (and out of your mirror) by following these tips from top skin doctors and estheticians.

Get tips

Also, for those of you who are into skin care using natural products, you'll enjoy this video featuring skin care tips from the ladies over at ExpertVillage.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Introducing Project Inner Beauty!

It's been many months in the making, but Project Inner Beauty has unofficially launched!

As I write up this post, the Project Inner Beauty blog has been live for less than an hour. I told myself that I was going to stop procrastinating and just do it. I felt this inner drive and overwhelming, but inspired energy within me as I crafted a title for the blog and a first post. I just knew that this was something that I was meant to do.

If you would like to share an inspiring story or your journey to discovering your own unique, inner beauty, email me at projectinnerbeauty [at]

Click here to visit Project Inner Beauty!

By the way, I'm using the OnSugar blogging platform to host this blog and I'm loving it! If you've always wanted to start a beauty or fashion blog, you should definitely check out OnSugar. Sooo easy to use!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beauty Product Review: Giorgio Armani's Second Skin Nude Foundation

Giorgio Armani Second Skin Nude FoundationFor awhile now I've been using the bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals makeup as a foundation and although I've been pretty happy with it, I wanted to try out Giorgio Armani's "Second Skin Nude" makeup.

I usually don't like liquid foundations because they can feel heavy on the face, but this foundation by Giorgio Armani really does feel like second skin! It smooths and evens out my skin tone. It went on really well using my fingers.

Maria PalmaThis is not a foundation for women who prefer full coverage of their face. If you want to just get rid of that blotchy redness or you have oily skin, then this foundation is for you. It gives you a very natural look. It gives me just a tad bit more coverage than the bareMinerals for nights on the town...

Giorgio Armani Second Skin Nude makeup is available at the Giorgio Armani beauty website.

Monday, November 3, 2008

An Interview With Upcoming San Diego Fashion Designer, Petra O.

Petra ODuring Fashion Week San Diego, there was one fashion designer who really stood out - and not just because she jumped off the runway into the pool! Petra O. really stood out for her sultry designs that really appealed to my inner diva.

I was able to talk briefly with Petra during a meet and greet the day after the runway shows. She was so fun to talk to and I really loved her energy...

MP: What was your inspiration for the collection?

PO: Well, my inspiration is basically the brand...I'm calling it "Watch Me". I don't like to create boring outfits. I need that certain twist in it. People actually have told me that my outfits are sexual, but I don't see why because I cover everything!

MP: How long have you been designing?

PO: I've been designing on and off since I was 21, but I've always been drawing. If you're an artist you have to stay creative. So whatever you do..paint...or theater...I've done all of the above, but I didn't really get into [designing] until last year.

MP: Did you go to school for design?

PO: I went to a community college, actually. I had great teachers and I was so inspired by their passion. I wanted to get classes that helped me and then I was rolling from there!

Petra O's "Watch Me!" Collection

MP: When you were a little girl, was fashion design something that you wanted to do?

PO: Actually, that's funny because I ask kids all the time what they want to be. When you're young you have a good idea, but as you get older you get so caught up with society. You think you have to do that office job because it pays well. When I was young I used to put on fashion shows for my grandparents and family during Christmas and gatherings. I would wrap up my cousins in blankets and have them do a runway show!

MP: Do you plan on doing any other shows besides Fashion Week San Diego?

PO: Oh, yeah, I plan on doing more shows. I don't really like doing basic shows. I like doing performance shows...I'll have the models crawl or rip paper or act something out. Last time I did a show to "Disturbia", that Rhianna song. We did chains and theater.

MP: What do you see for the future of your designs?

PO: I would like to recreate the little black dress. I just love the basic black dress. After all, it's the woman who wears the dress and not the dress who wears the woman. So, I want to accentuate the woman in my outfits.

MP: Is that your main philosophy behind your brand?

PO: I want to create a self-confident woman. If you're going to wear [my clothing], then you definitely have to be self-confident!

Find out more about Petra O by visiting her MySpace page or visit her website, Watch Me! By Petra O.

Me With Petra O