Sunday, April 26, 2009

All-Natural Beauty Secrets

I'm on an all-natural beauty kick and I wanted to share this article I came across: 7 All-Natural Secrets for Skin Beauty. I never would've thought to use yogurt on my face!

And speaking of all-natural beauty...How do you know if a product that's labeled "natural" really is?

Well, Denise DeBaun, the CEO of Sustainable Youth Technologies, says this about many "natural" beauty products:

"Unfortunately, a lot of beauty products labeled “natural” simply don’t hold up under scrutiny. If you look closely at their labels, you’ll see a number of suspect ingredients used time and time again.

Most common are the parabens—methyl and butyl—which are used as preservatives, and which are not, by anyone’s standard, natural. You’ll also find sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate (SLES/SLS), a surfactant that can cause skin and eye irritations. Look further and you’ll find plenty of other ingredients in common use that may or may not be toxic, but which are certainly not natural.

So what can you do to cut through this confusion?

For one thing, really scrutinize the labels. Look beyond the active ingredients, and make sure all the secondary ingredients are natural as well. Especially the preservative system, which often times contains chemical ingredients that may overshadow the benefits of an organic or natural active ingredient."
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Photo Credit: Martin Howard

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  1. Yogurt on your face for 15 minutes....oh no thanks !