Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Which Wedding Dress Is Right For You?

When shopping for a wedding dress, many brides want to know the latest trends in wedding dresses in order to help them decide on the perfect dress for that special day.

My philosophy about finding that perfect dress is that you shouldn't be focused on picking one that is "trendy", you should pick a wedding dress based on the fact that you absolutely love it and feel comfortable wearing it. So what if it doesn't have flower petal embroidery or it doesn't have feathers galore? (Those are supposed to be the wedding dress trends for this year, by the way.)

As I mentioned before in my post about wedding fashion, I want my wedding dress to be pretty simple. No long trains or big veils - although I may wear a tiara ;)

Priscilla of Boston has a great selection of non-traditional wedding dresses that appeal to my aesthetic tastes. This dress in particular caught my eye - maybe because it's paired with shoes in my favorite color...

Short wedding dress
Here is a long dress with pretty details from the "Jewel" collection at Priscilla of Boston. I really like the top half of the dress, but I would prefer something a little shorter. I don't like worrying about stepping on my dress or getting it dirty.

Embroidered long wedding dress
As I said earlier, if you are shopping for a wedding dress, choose one that YOU love. Who cares what anybody else thinks about it...

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