Thursday, July 23, 2009

Becoming a More Powerful, Beautiful Woman

Photo Credit: Adam Wilson

Have you ever walked into a room and seen a woman that had this certain aura about her?

Perhaps you sensed that confident-I-can-do-anything-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar energy emanating from this woman.

Don't you want that same kind of confidence?

Well, I was reading Alexandra's Levit's post, 9 Ways to Be a Powerful Woman, where she shares excellent tips by Catherine Kaputa to get in tune with the powerful diva that you are.

I like this part about creating an "attractive package":

"Accentuate your best features, and develop a distinct look with a signature color, accessories, shoes, and so on. If you don't have the body of a fashion model, then do something wonderful with your hair and clothing. Work on your posture and gait. Think about what your visual image conveys, and find visual "props" that add originality and make a powerful statement."

Although the tips in this article are targeted towards business women, I think any woman can use these tips.

I must add, though, that although it is good to create an "attractive package" that expresses who you are and makes a statement, don't spend so much time with outer appearances that you don't work on your inner self. Many of us spend 80% of our time on physical beauty that our inner beauty is neglected.

Back in my 20's I spent a great deal of time shopping for the latest fashion trends (I worked at Contempo Casuals and Wet Seal back then), and spent even more time worrying about what other people thought of me. It was all about outer appearances. I never addressed my insecurities and low self-esteem - which is probably why I attracted people in my life who took advantage of me.

But when I started working on my self-development and inner beauty, I began to realize just how powerful I am. I healed myself by acknowledging that I can't please everybody. I also stopped criticizing other people and putting them down. I was just doing that to feel better about myself. It's taken years to get to the point that I am now where I have a balance between inner and outer beauty.

So, I ask you...

What can you do today to take that next step to becoming a more beautiful and powerful woman?
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