Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Ways to a Healthier, More Beautiful You

We're all looking for ways to become healthier and more beautiful, right? Even if we don't care to admit it, it's true. What woman do you know doesn't want to be beautiful and healthy?

I know women who spend thousands of dollars thinking that the money they spend is in direct proportion to how beautiful they'll look, when in fact, you don't need all that money to be more beautiful. Sure, it takes a little more discipline, focus, and you have to make more conscious decisions, but you don't need thousands of dollars.

In my own experience and in talking with other women, I've come up with the top five ways to become healthier and more beautiful:

1. Stop stressing! - Ok, this is much easier said than done, but think about it - does worrying over whatever it is that you're worrying about ever help the situation? Did you know that stress speeds up aging? One thing that I do to de-stress is to meditate on a regular basis.

2. Use healthy makeup - Do you know what you're putting on your face? Many beauty products these days have toxins that are doing more harm than good. Try using mineral-based makeup such as Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover. Mineral makeup is very light and contains no oils, perfumes, dyes, or talcs - all things that often irritate skin.

3. Excercise on a regular basis - Exercise not only keeps you fit, but it also helps you relax (refer to tip #1), and combats chronic disease. Check out more benefits of exercise. For me, exercise puts me in a better mood...which makes me smile...and smiling makes you look more beautiful!

When it comes to exercise, I usually do my workouts at home. Before I used the Ab Roller Plus and jogged around the neighborhood, but now I prefer exercise routines on DVD. I've been doing yoga, but now I want to mix it up. The FIRM Body Sculpting System looks like something I could do.

4. Work on improving your mind - Well, there is a reason why I've named this blog, "Beauty Is Within"...because beauty and health do start in your mind. It begins with having a good, positive attitude about life, and being happy with who you are and what you're doing - not trying to fit into an ideal that other people may impose on you.

5. Maintain a healthy diet - Eating the right foods helps keep you healthier in the long run. This is common knowledge, but it's something that requires discipline. Personally, I find it a challenge to stay away from McDonald's Big Mac and fries, but I'm learning to keep my fast-food eating to a minimum.

I've never tried diets such as the South Beach Diet or weight loss programs like Nutrisystem. If you've had any experience with these, I'd like to hear your story. I love to eat meat, rice, and potatoes, so going on a diet is out of the question. However, I do eat in moderation which keeps me fairly slim.

What tips do you have for becoming healthier and more beautiful?

Photo Credit: Mike Baird
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