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My Plan to Lose the Belly Fat

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I recently signed up with 24-Hour Fitness because I've been feeling unmotivated to exercise. Besides that, I've grown a few inches around the waist and my jeans were started to feel a little snug. I finally decided that the belly fat must go. I set a goal to have a healthier, more fit body.

I started to gain wait on my belly just recently and thought maybe I was pregnant...but no, I'm not pregnant. So I did some research and discovered that belly fat is brought about by various factors.

What Causes Belly Fat?

One factor that causes belly fat is cholesterol intake. Excess cholesterol is converted to fat and stored in the belly. Another reason you can gain weight around the belly is obviously excessive eating and not watching what you eat. Another way people gain belly fat is genetically related. There are people with a thyroid glad that malfunctions and causes the body metabolism to be below optimum.

How to Lose the Belly Fat

The best way that I know to lose belly fat is to exercise. I'm not big on diets and have no desire to go on one.

Since fat can be accumulated by the failure of the body metabolism to burn excess fat, exercising only makes sense for me.

I know that many people say they do not have time to exercise, but I've noticed that 20 sit-ups every morning can go a long way in getting fat belly down. When I'm at the gym I use all the different machines to work my abs, and sometimes when I'm watching TV I'll do crunches.

Besides exercise, I've been more conscious about what I eat. I eat just enough to be satisfied and not to be "full".

Another technique I'm going to use to lose the belly fat is saying positive affirmations. I believe that you can create a new reality and mindset for yourself through the Law of Attraction. I've used affirmations for my business with success, so why not use positive affirmations to lose weight?

Do you currently have a goal to lose belly fat? What tips or advice would you like to share?

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