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The Beauty of Natural Weight Loss

I'm on a diet Flickr photoWeight loss is an area that is a challenge for many of us. There are many ways to lose weight, but I think losing weight naturally is the best way! I've talked about natural weight loss before, but today we have a guest blogger, Myln, who shares her thoughts on the subject...

Losing weight using natural means and methods is a perfect way to shed those extra pounds and feel better. Although the inner beauty of each person is the most important of all, some people have the need to work on their external appearance as well. Managing to do this using natural ways will boost your confidence and self esteem and will give you a feeling of satisfaction. This is the beautiful feeling of achievement that gives you courage to set more goals to make your life better and healthier.

Natural weight loss is the process of losing pounds without the help of chemicals or pills. It has to do with lifestyle changes that last forever and not for temporary short term results. Many people jump right into weight loss without any thoughts of safety. All they want to do is lose as much weight as they can as quickly as possible. This is absolutely the wrong way to lose weight. Weight loss should be entered into with a goal in mind and a plan on how to reach that goal. Weight loss is something that should never be taken lightly. By losing a healthy amount of weight each week with a proper diet and exercise program you can safely achieve your weight loss goal.

Most health experts agree that losing about 2 pounds a week for the average person can be achieved safely. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to set your goal and a time frame to achieve it. For example, if you would like to lose 20 pounds then you should safely expect to accomplish your goal in about 10 weeks. Having a plan and sticking to it makes weight loss much easier. Having an actual date on the calendar to reach your weight loss goal will allow you to accomplish it in small chunks. This greatly increases motivation and will help you stick to your plan.

Coming up with a plan and implementing it is the actual hard part of weight loss. The easy part is diet and exercise. By simply sticking to low calorie meals and eliminating junk food from your diet, you can see drastic results in your waistline. Most people have incurred weight gain because of poor eating habits. There are a myriad of outlets online which can suggest low-calorie meal options. Planning your meals in advance is a key to losing weight naturally. Many people fix meals at the last minute, and quick meals typically end up being high in fat and calories. Having low fat meals planned out for the week will also help simplify your life. No more rushing around after work trying to find something to fix for dinner. You may also prepare several meals in advance on your days off which can easily be reheated throughout the week.

For many people, diet alone is not enough to shed pounds. Exercising is also an integral part of weight loss. Staying active will help burn excess calories before they can be stored as fat. Fat burning exercise can be accomplished in many ways. Joining a gym to utilize aerobic equipment or simply walking in the evenings can help melt away the pounds. Whatever you decide to do for exercising the key for success is consistency. Any type of exercise can produce good results provided that you do it regularly and that you gradually and slowly increase both the intensity and frequency of your exercise sessions. Every time you exercise your body should be under stress. This is the only way to burn more calories. You need to feel your heart rate increasing and your muscles getting pressure. Doing this regularly you will not only see positive results but you will also notice that your fitness level is improved.

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  1. a good post. i believe that the only way you can really maintain weight loss, is to not see yourself as being on a 'diet'. Healthy eating and exercise should just become part of your daily routine, rather than consciously thinking 'i can't have that' or 'i must go to the gym' because i am on a diet.