Thursday, May 27, 2010

Natural Beauty Inspiration: Jessica Simpson

Kudos to Jessica Simpson for displaying an au natural look for the May 2010 Marie Claire cover. I was in CVS Pharmacy looking over the fashion magazines when I was prompted to make this magazine purchase just because it's a rare thing to have a celebrity bare it all. No makeup...just pure, natural beauty!

I LOVE when Jessica says:
"I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business."

A couple months ago Jessica did a TV series called "The Price of Beauty" where she traveled the world to learn more about other women's views and perspectives on beauty. This show inspired her to start her own campaign called "A Beautiful Me" that celebrates individualism and positivity.

Today I was inspired to go out with an au natural look...well, almost. I did go out with the bare essentials, though. I'm wearing powder, lip gloss, and mascara by Lavera organic makeup and Bare Natural black eyeliner from L'Oreal.

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  1. Good for Jessica. She's taken a lot of flack (although not as much as Britney Spears). Sounds like she's quoting Wayne Dyer there with the "What other people think of me is none of my business" bit. Although I have heard that quote attributed to Dennis Kucinich as well!

    She does look lovely in the photo - it appears they went easy on the photo-shopping as well as the makeup for this cover.

    D. McCarty
    San Diego Plastic Surgery

  2. She has such beautiful skin!