Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Classic Style: Clothing For Stylish, Practical Women

Classic and Stylish Clothing from EXPRESS

This past month I've purchased three black dresses. Boring. I can't help it, tough. I like clothes that I can wear all the time, regardless of what season it is. Once in awhile I'll buy something from Forever 21 that's trendy, but the majority of time I'm in search of something that's comfortable, classic, stylish, and practical. Even when I worked at Contempo Casuals and Wet Seal, I was still shopping in places like Ann Taylor or EXPRESS.

Speaking of, if you're like me and are looking for clothes that can be worn again and again, check out the new pieces from EXPRESS pictured above. All of these pieces can be worn now...and later during the fall.

I really like the black draped mesh mini skirt. Wear it with a tank top and sandals now...then transition into fall with a long-sleeve blouse and tall boots for winter.

Here are some other pieces and looks I came across that offer style, yet are classy and timeless...

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  1. Hah! I bought another LBD two days ago - you can never have too many of those. It's cut just above the knee and fits like a glove. The front has non-ruffled layers starting just below the bust line. They perform much the same function as ruching in camouflaging the tummy but don't bunch up at all. Now I just have to decide where to wear it! I also have a pair of black peep toe pumps that look very much like the Prada pair pictured (only with a thin wedge heel). I plan to wear my reddish purple toenail polish and matching earrings to add color to the LBD and black high heel ensemble.

    I like the black and white floral blazer in the second picture. Thanks for continuing to post!

    Daisy McCarty
    San Diego Plastic Surgery