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The Finishing Touch – Bridal Jewelry

Are you making plans for a spring wedding? Today we have a guest post that will give you ideas if you're shopping for bridal jewelry...Enjoy!

Bridal Jewelry 

Each couple’s wedding is unique, because it reflects the love and commitment that only you share. The saying that every bride is beautiful is true! As you walk down the aisle to join your fiancé, the intensity of the moment is reflected in your face and eyes. Your wedding gown and accessories have been carefully chosen; and you shine in the limelight at this special time.

Bridal jewelry is an important component of a bride’s appearance. When selecting your bridal jewelry, you should consider these things:

* Does it enhance your features, including hair and eye color, skin tone and body shape?

* Does the jewelry color match the gown? If the gown is white, cream or champagne; pearls, crystals and metals can be selected to showcase the gown color and enhance the details.

* Is the length of the necklace appropriate for the neckline, bust and waistline of the gown? A choker length pearl and crystal necklace with sterling silver or 14K gold fill will go with most necklines, and enhance the gown without detracting from it.

A bridal necklace should not cover any part of the wedding gown. Your neck and bust will determine if the necklace should be dainty or can have more body. Believe it or not, the eye will travel from your necklace and earrings to the waistline. A drop waist can be reflected in a necklace with a pendant. A princess waist should have a choker length strand. A-lines, sheaths and mermaid styles can carry a choker style or pendant, depending on the neckline of the wedding gown.

Earrings can be made of pearls or crystals and worn alone or with a necklace. Crystals will reflect light on to your face.

Crystal drop earrings

Pearls will bring out your natural skin tone...

Pink pearl earrings

Does the bracelet go with the arm length of the gown? Pearls, crystals or a combination, used in one strand or multiple bracelet strands are very lovely with almost any sleeve length, except for elbow length. Don’t forget the color, style and length of your veil when selecting the color and style of your earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Crystal Bracelet

Multi-stranded Bracelet

Pearls and crystals are traditional for several reasons. One reason is that they go well with most wedding gowns. White, champagne, cream or pale pink natural freshwater pearls are good color choices. Clear, sparkling crystals are appropriate by themselves or paired with pearls for a natural, yet dressy look. Bright sterling silver and yellow gold metals should be used, but with discretion.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

As the bride, you have carefully chosen your wedding party, selecting bridesmaids who are near and dear to you. You plan for their gowns, as well. Consider selecting the bridesmaids’ jewelry to go with their gowns. Adding color to bridesmaid jewelry is certainly appropriate. You may match crystal colors to their gowns. For your bridesmaids’ jewelry, determine if sterling silver or gold goes best with your theme. Or select a silver or gold, and clear crystal bracelet or necklace that they can wear with anything, even after your wedding. Presenting wedding jewelry to your bridesmaids as a gift is a lovely way to show your appreciation; and it is a gift they will each enjoy.

For Jewish weddings, you can add a sterling silver Star of David charm on your bridesmaids bracelet, or as a clasp dangle on their necklace, for extra meaning.

As a result of your thoughtful planning, your wedding will be a beautiful reflection of your love, your excitement and of this special moment in time. And you, the bride, will be stunning! I guarantee it!

About the Author
Ms. Benator is the owner and designer of Gila Leah, Inc., exquisite jewelry designs. Many of Ms. Benator’s clients rely on her sense of fashion and her creative ability for jewelry that reveals their inner beauty. Ms. Benator designs personalized Hebrew name bracelets using sterling silver letters and stars of David for Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts, as well as other occasion specific jewelry.

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