Friday, January 29, 2010

Hair Styling Tools I Love: BrushLab Brushes

Hair care isn't just about using the right shampoo or styling products...

Taking good care of your hair also includes using the right hair styling tools...

BrushLab sent me a few brushes to review, and I'll admit that I never really knew the value of a good hairbrush until I started using their brushes.

My favorite out of all the brushes is the blue paddle brush with boar bristles.

Paddle Hairbrush

This brush is so soothing to my scalp! Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that I have a dry, itchy scalp, so when I brush my hair with this paddle brush, it feels like a massage on my scalp. Not to mention that it makes my hair feel very soft. It also has a ergonomically designed non-slip grip.

Ceramic Flow Round HairbrushI also like the ceramic flow tri-handle round brush. I kept the medium-sized purple round brush and gave the large round brush to my friend.

What I love about this round brush is that my hair doesn't get all tangled in it as I'm styling my hair. My friend loves it because it doesn't frizz out her thin hair. After blow-drying and styling her hair with the round brush, she doesn't even have to go back through with a flat iron to touch up her hair.

BrushLab brushes are available at Walgreens, Ulta, and

What are your favorite hair styling tools?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair Tips Links and Resources

Maria Palma
I'm probably the last person you should ask when it comes to getting hair tips. Most days I just don't really have the patience to do my hair. It's not like I have long hair anymore, I'm just plain lazy. If I could, I'd wear my hair in a ponytail or cover it with a hat everyday! My favorite thing to wear is this silk scarf pictured here. It gives me that "boho" look - especially when I wear my big, gold hoops with it.

So, instead of sharing any personal hair tips with you, I thought I'd share links to other sites:

Salon Experience Blog - This blog has tons of helpful hair tips including choosing the right hair color and winter hair care. You can also shop Salon Experience's store for various of hair care products.

Pursebuzz's Hair Tutorials on YouTube - Elessa Vavon has grown into a celebrity in the online beauty world with her MAC makeup reviews and easy-to-follow hair styling videos on YouTube.

101 Hairstyle Tutorials - I love Karen's compilation of links and pictures for do-it-yourself hairstyles.

Do you have any hair care tips or hairstyle tutorials to share?

New Trends in Skin Care and Anti-Aging

face creamThere are many skin care products on the market now. Whenever I go into a place like Target and walk down the skin care aisle, I literally get dizzy trying to figure out which skin care products are right for me!

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Times are changing, though, when it comes to skin care. The products that are coming out nowadays just aren't the same. There are so many technological advancements and so many new ingredients in skin care products that work to keep your skin looking younger and healthier.

One skin care trend that I find really interesting is the use of stem cells to regenerate damaged skin cells. Recently, I've been hearing alot of talk about stem cell research. It's a controversial topic which I really don't want to get into here, but I'll just say that it's fascinating to me.

There's a company called Dermajuv that uses stem cells as a key ingredient in some of their products. I personally haven't used their products, so check out Dermajuv reviews.

Another skin care trend that I really like is natural skincare. I read somewhere that natural and organic skin care that utilize herbal and plant extracts will become a $10 billion dollar market in 2010. Not surprising to me as women are becoming more conscious about what they're putting on their skin and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One common problem that many people have when it comes to skin care is puffy eyes and dark circles under their eyes. Dark circles are puffy eyes are signs of aging and can really steal years from your appearance.

I was reading about an ingredient called eyeliss that is now being used in eye creams. Has anybody heard of this ingredient? I heard that combined with antioxidant-rich ingredients like acai berry extract, eyeliss really helps get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

Skin care products that have all the glitz and glamour are starting to fade away. I don't know about you, but I'm longer fooled by fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about new skin care trends and/or experiences with skin care products...

Photo Credit: sunshinecity

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hair Care Products That Give You Guilt-Free Luscious Locks

Hair Flick on Flickr

This week here at Beauty Is Within the focus will be all about hair care. I'll be sharing hair styling tips, videos, and hair care product reviews. I personally have neglected my hair for the past couple weeks, so by writing about this topic I'm hoping it will inspire me to try something new and different with my hair!

I believe that your hair is one of your greatest "assets" in terms of physical beauty. It's one of the things that people first notice about you. That's why it's important to really take good care of your hair and use the right hair care products.

I recently found out about celebrity colourist Louise Galvin who has a passion for Carbon Neutral Beauty. She has come out with her own line of hair care products and body care that contain natural or naturally derived ingredients. They don't contain SLS, PEGS, parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and polymers.

Louise Galvin is working hard to reduce the company's carbon footprint. It's nice to be able to support these types of companies that not only create great products that are good for you, but are also good for the earth.

There is a plethora of hair care products on the market, but many of them damage your hair and your scalp. I personally have used many cheap-o shampoos and conditioners over the years and now I'm paying for it because my scalp is extremely dry and flaky.

Do you have any hair care problems or experiences to share?

Photo Credit: Luciano Consolini

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thandie Newton: Natural Beauty Icon

It's a rare thing for me to talk about celebrities on this blog because they already get so much attention from other media outlets. However, once in awhile I like to feature a celebrity or two because to me, they epitomize what it means to be a natural be unique and special. Thandie Newton is one such startlet.

Thandie Newton isn't just a talented actress, she's also a natural beauty and style icon. She wears just enough makeup to enhance her natural beauty and always looks stunning on the red carpet.

Recently Thandie did a photo shoot for Martini, a company who's motto I like: "Stay Beautiful". Below is a video with a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot...

If there's just one takeaway that you get from the video, it's to "Be good to yourself!"

What can you do today to be good to yourself? Maybe it's taking the day off to just relax and curl up with a good book (that's what I love to do!)...or spending more time with friends and family than with your work ;)

Mineral Makeup Review: Raw Minerals Discovery Kit

Raw Minerals Makeup

For those of you who are tired of using liquid makeup and are seeking a more natural look, there are many mineral makeup products on the market now that offer a way to give you that natural look while keeping your face healthy. One such brand of makeup is Raw Minerals. I received a sample of the Raw Minerals Discovery Kit and have been using it for the past several months.

The Raw Minerals Discovery Kit consists of 2 mineral foundations, mineral glow, active veil SPF 18, maximum coverage foundation brush, concealer brush, and a multi-tasking retractable brush. The reason they give you two mineral foundations, one light and one dark, is so that you can blend them to match your skin tone. I did not know that a woman's skin tone changes with the seasons, so having these two colors helps get the perfect foundation color for your face.

The foundation brush really works to give you maximum coverage - and a little goes a long way. I start off by pouring some of the mineral foundation into the cover of the jar. I dip the brush into the cover and then tap the edge of the cover to get any excess off. Using a circular motion I cover my entire face with the foundation.

After applying the mineral foundation, I put on the active veil to protect my skin from the sun. The active veil also brightens up my face. I finish off my face with the mineral glow. I use the retractable brush to apply the mineral glow and it gives my face that sun-kissed look.

Mineral makeup can get a bit messy, but with a little practice it's easy to apply. One thing I did notice with Raw Minerals is that I sometimes inhale some of the dust, so I've learned to tap the brush away from my face before applying the makeup.

Over the past couple years I have tried several different brands of mineral makeup, but I noticed that my complexion looks so much healthier using Raw Minerals. It really does make your skin look very silky. Even my best friend noticed a difference in my complexion. I gave her a little to try out and she says that she loves it.

What I like about Raw Minerals is that they're passionate about creating beauty products which consist of ingredients that are grown using holistic ecological practices. All of their ingredients and packaging are 100% biodegradable and are sourced from providers who practice sustainable agriculture.

All Raw Minerals makeup are free of parabens, petrochemicals, and synthetic preservatives. They are also don't contain artificial colorants and artificial fragrances.

What has been your experience with mineral makeup? Share your thoughts via comments!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look of the Week: Black & White Winter

adidas at ShopStyle

The look of the week was inspired by the question, "What would I be wearing if I didn't live in sunny San Diego?"

Because I love Adidas clothing, I started with this black & white Adidas jacket and created a whole outfit around the jacket. Naturally, I stuck with the black and white Adidas theme, but opted for a pair of skinny jeans.

I'm planning a trip to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, so I may be able to wear this type outfit pretty soon. It would be really nice to visit Vancouver again. I've been there a few times already and it's such a beautiful place! People say I'm crazy to want to leave San Diego during the winter, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting a Fashion Business? Interview and Tips

I always find inspiration in talking with fellow creative people and designers. My focus is on jewelry design, but no matter what type of designer you are, it's always nice to be around people who understand what you're going through - especially those who know what it's like to start a fashion business.

Awhile back I met a San Diego-based urban fashion designer named Clyde Scott Jr. I interviewed him to find out more about him and his designs which is now posted at my Blogtalk Radio blog. Click here to read the interview...

There's nothing more fun than to be doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. If your passion in life is fashion and you're thinking about starting your own business, I recommend reading The Business of Fashion: Basics 1 - Setting up your own fashion business, what do I need to know first?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Natural Weight Loss Tips for Natural Beauties

HappyNew Year!

Like millions of people across the world, I know that many of you have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight.

You'll probably go on the hunt for diet plans and weight loss programs to help you lose that weight.

I'm a believer that fad diets and starving yourself don't work. I believe that you can lose weight in a natural and healthy way. You can lose weight without having to go through extreme changes in how you eat.

Here are a couple steps you can take to lose weight naturally to ensure that your New Year's resolution becomes a reality:

Make a commitment to exercise. You don't have to join a gym. You can simply start at home with push ups or going for daily walks in your neighborhood. If you have some extra money to spare, you can hire a personal trainer who can guide you and oversee your weight loss.

The next step is to observe your diet and decide to eat smart. This means watching the calories that are in everything you buy at the store.

Being wise regarding what you eat does require a bit of discipline. This is obtained by habit. It may not be easy at first, but it eventually is if you make a commitment to eating healthy.

Because of my commitment to helping you develop your beauty from the inside out, I was able to get the resell rights to an ebook, Permanent Weight Loss: The Natural Way. I also just launched a natural weight loss blog that contains articles and tips.

I spent the past couple months reading and adding my own thoughts to this book. It has definitely motivated me with my own weight loss goals and made me more aware of what I eat.

If you're interested in purchasing the ebook, I'm currently offering a $10 discount to all readers of this blog.

The regular cost of the ebook is $27, so your cost is only $17.

This offer ends on January 7, 2009!

Email me at maria[at]beautyiswithin[dot]net if you'd like to buy the ebook and I'll send you a special link to make the purchase.

Photo Credit: Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic