Thursday, May 27, 2010

Natural Beauty Inspiration: Jessica Simpson

Kudos to Jessica Simpson for displaying an au natural look for the May 2010 Marie Claire cover. I was in CVS Pharmacy looking over the fashion magazines when I was prompted to make this magazine purchase just because it's a rare thing to have a celebrity bare it all. No makeup...just pure, natural beauty!

I LOVE when Jessica says:
"I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business."

A couple months ago Jessica did a TV series called "The Price of Beauty" where she traveled the world to learn more about other women's views and perspectives on beauty. This show inspired her to start her own campaign called "A Beautiful Me" that celebrates individualism and positivity.

Today I was inspired to go out with an au natural look...well, almost. I did go out with the bare essentials, though. I'm wearing powder, lip gloss, and mascara by Lavera organic makeup and Bare Natural black eyeliner from L'Oreal.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The One Summer Fashion Staple Everyone Needs

Bright, sunny days are here again, so that means it's time to protect your eyes with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. They can't be anything but, right?!

Well, here in San Diego it seems to always be the season for sunglasses and I always keep a pair handy whether it be in my purse or in the car.  On any given day here in Southern California, you'll see people wearing retro-chic sunglasses. Think Grace Kelly in white frames or those Ray ban sunglasses reminiscent of 80's fashion.

For summer 2010 we'll be seeing frames in all different types of fun colors and unique shapes. Also, for more eco-conscious shoppers, there will be sunglasses made from renewable materials.

I think these Karen Walker sunglasses are really fun...

Karen Walker Spring 2010 sunglasses

Regardless if you’re into wearing the latest styles in sunglasses, it should be a staple for the summer wardrobe. Your eyes need protection from those dangerous UV rays. Besides, who wants wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes?

Wholesale sunglasses
I found out about this site where you can buy sunglasses wholesale. If anything, you can probably make money because you can buy a dozen pairs for around $23 (give or take), take one pair for yourself and then sell the rest to your friends or on eBay. (Yes, that's the entrepreneur in me always at work!) You can also buy sunglass accessories including sunglass cords.

What's your favorite sunglass trend for 2010?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Fashion Tips for the Fashionista in You

When the weather turns warm and flowers start to bloom, fashionistas know it is time to shake off the winter doldrums and wake up their fashion look. This summer’s fashion runways displayed trends like romanticism, cut-out and peek-a-boo detailing, soft pastels, distressed denim, wood shoes and bold jewelry. By incorporating a few of these items into your wardrobe, you can instantly update your look without breaking the bank.

Romantic and Feminine

Dresses and blouses with ruffles add instant femininity to your look. Today’s ruffles lack the over-the-top stuffiness often associated with the trend. If you want to skip ruffled clothing, look for shoes and handbags with subtle ruffled details. The lingerie look of corsets, camisoles and nightgown-inspired dresses also made an appearance on the runways. Incorporate the look into your everyday fashion by wearing a lacy camisole under your suit or letting an ornate slip peek out of from your hemline.

Denim, in all shades and fashions, continued to appear on the summer runways. Cut-off jean shorts, slashed to the knee and either rolled or frayed, reappear as a popular trend this summer. In fact, the more distressed, destroyed and distressed the jeans—the better! This is the season to give new life to some of your old jeans by turning them into fashionably destroyed shorts.

Whites and Pastels

Pure white and all hues of pastels, from pink to lavender, instantly update your summer wardrobe. White shirt dresses are an especially popular look that can be dressed up for work or down for casual weekends. When shopping for summer clothing, buy a few pastel items to wear with your existing clothing. Try pairing a sheer, white blouse with your gray or navy suit. Or combine white pants with a lightweight navy sweater for a nautical, St. Tropez look.

One-Piece Swimwear by Topshop at ShopStyle
From bathing suits to evening gowns, designers played with this trend, which utilizes slashes and cut-outs to reveal a hint of skin without over-exposure. If you want to incorporate this style into your look, stick to pieces in dark colors like black, gray or navy to look sleek and stylish.

Sandals by Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle
Wooden shoes
Clogs, wedges and sandals made of wood appeared throughout the summer runway shows. Wooden wedge sandals instantly incorporate a touch of whimsy and individuality to your look. These retro silhouettes look fresh again this season after the stilettos and dainty shoes of the past.

Bold Jewelry
Chunky bracelets, necklaces and earrings can help provide a dose of summer style to your look--even when you lack the money to buy a new wardrobe gold earrings, especially chandelier-style ones, add an opulent and exotic touch to this summer’s glamorous and feminine silhouettes.

About the Author
Arthur Miers is a Montreal-based freelance fashion blogger for, a jewelry company specializing in everything from engagement rings to Gold earrings.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beauty of Natural Weight Loss

I'm on a diet Flickr photoWeight loss is an area that is a challenge for many of us. There are many ways to lose weight, but I think losing weight naturally is the best way! I've talked about natural weight loss before, but today we have a guest blogger, Myln, who shares her thoughts on the subject...

Losing weight using natural means and methods is a perfect way to shed those extra pounds and feel better. Although the inner beauty of each person is the most important of all, some people have the need to work on their external appearance as well. Managing to do this using natural ways will boost your confidence and self esteem and will give you a feeling of satisfaction. This is the beautiful feeling of achievement that gives you courage to set more goals to make your life better and healthier.

Natural weight loss is the process of losing pounds without the help of chemicals or pills. It has to do with lifestyle changes that last forever and not for temporary short term results. Many people jump right into weight loss without any thoughts of safety. All they want to do is lose as much weight as they can as quickly as possible. This is absolutely the wrong way to lose weight. Weight loss should be entered into with a goal in mind and a plan on how to reach that goal. Weight loss is something that should never be taken lightly. By losing a healthy amount of weight each week with a proper diet and exercise program you can safely achieve your weight loss goal.

Most health experts agree that losing about 2 pounds a week for the average person can be achieved safely. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to set your goal and a time frame to achieve it. For example, if you would like to lose 20 pounds then you should safely expect to accomplish your goal in about 10 weeks. Having a plan and sticking to it makes weight loss much easier. Having an actual date on the calendar to reach your weight loss goal will allow you to accomplish it in small chunks. This greatly increases motivation and will help you stick to your plan.

Coming up with a plan and implementing it is the actual hard part of weight loss. The easy part is diet and exercise. By simply sticking to low calorie meals and eliminating junk food from your diet, you can see drastic results in your waistline. Most people have incurred weight gain because of poor eating habits. There are a myriad of outlets online which can suggest low-calorie meal options. Planning your meals in advance is a key to losing weight naturally. Many people fix meals at the last minute, and quick meals typically end up being high in fat and calories. Having low fat meals planned out for the week will also help simplify your life. No more rushing around after work trying to find something to fix for dinner. You may also prepare several meals in advance on your days off which can easily be reheated throughout the week.

For many people, diet alone is not enough to shed pounds. Exercising is also an integral part of weight loss. Staying active will help burn excess calories before they can be stored as fat. Fat burning exercise can be accomplished in many ways. Joining a gym to utilize aerobic equipment or simply walking in the evenings can help melt away the pounds. Whatever you decide to do for exercising the key for success is consistency. Any type of exercise can produce good results provided that you do it regularly and that you gradually and slowly increase both the intensity and frequency of your exercise sessions. Every time you exercise your body should be under stress. This is the only way to burn more calories. You need to feel your heart rate increasing and your muscles getting pressure. Doing this regularly you will not only see positive results but you will also notice that your fitness level is improved.

Photo Credit: Michael Fludkov

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beauty Is...Saying "Thank You"

Quote about Gratitude

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to be around people who are grateful for what they've been given in life.  I do believe that gratitude brings out your inner beauty.  Designer shoes, designer handbags, designer clothes...There is absolutely nothing wrong with having these things. I say, if you have the money to buy these things then why not?!? As long as you remain true to yourself and don't take things for granted.

I find that when I remain in a state of gratitude, more of what I want comes to me. I feel grateful for what I have right now and don't complain that other people have more than me. After all, being able to wear a different outfit everyday is actually a luxury for many people around the world.

Gratitude extends far beyond the realm of material things, though. I share gratitude towards the people who help me find that perfect outfit...or gratitude for the healthy foods that are available to eat.

On one of my other blogs I talked about the power of "Thank You" and how the art of writing Thank You cards has been slowly fading away. When I worked at Nordstrom I often sent out Thank You cards to customers and loved it when they came back to shop with me because I took the time to show my gratitude for their business.

What are you grateful for today?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2010

Summer is the season for weddings and lately I've been seeing some beautiful wedding jewelry!  There's also been a great deal of talk about celebrities (Heidi Klum and Seal come to mind) renewing their wedding vows, so whether you've been inspired to renew your own vows or you'll be making vows for the first time, you'll want to wear jewelry that represents your unique beauty and timeless love!

For 2010 wedding jewelry has gone big and bold.  Think layers and large "bib" necklaces like this necklace by Vera Wang...

Diamond Engagement Ring
One trend that I really like is custom design engagement rings.  I love the idea of wearing a custom ring that symbolizes your relationship as unique and valuable. 

I've read that chandelier earrings are "in" this year, but aren't they always?!?  I always see some bride wearing chandelier earrings every year. I love these art deco style earrings...

If you don't like the traditional gold or platinum wedding bands or you're looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you may want to consider titanium rings. Alternative metals are supposed to be big this year.

However, if you do have the money to spend (lucky you!), you should look at these gorgeous diamond wedding bands.

No matter what jewelry you buy for your engagement or wedding, remember to wear it with confidence. You want to shine more than your jewelry!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Journey to Inner Beauty: Seeing the Beauty In Everything


Cristina Carlino wrote a great article about five easy tips to inner beauty - an article that spoke to me in so many ways. However, I really liked her tip about seeing the beauty in everything great and small.

One of my daily rituals is to go out and spend time with nature. Whether it's going out for a walk with the dogs or making a run to the grocery store, I make a point to pay attention to the sounds of birds chirping or to bask in the warmth of the sun.

But it's not just seeing the beauty of nature. I see beauty in the man picking out aluminum cans from trash cans...and there's beauty in the old run-down building in downtown that I pass by sometimes on my way to a favorite coffee shop.

If you have issues with your own self worth or beauty, I highly recommend spending a little time each day focusing on the beautiful things that surround you. Take the focus off of you for once. After awhile you'll begin to realize that there really is beauty in everything - including you!

"Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you, and always be true to yourself." --Donna Davis

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion Forward: Eco-Friendly Takes the Stage

This is a guest post by Sarah Harris...

When you think of fashion, you see runways in Milan, Paris, and New York. You have visions of frou-frou frocks, thousand-dollar handbags, and impossibly high heels. You imagine Hollywood ingénues waltzing down the red carpet, flashbulbs popping as they field the inevitable question, “Who are you wearing?” Not what, who. And then there are the countless style shows, fashion magazines, and even the lady at the nail salon who keeps telling you that your skinny jeans are SO last season. But one thing that definitely does not pop into your head in accordance with fashion is the term “eco-friendly”.

So what does eco-fashion entail? First of all, the fabrics must be all-natural, like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, or soy silk, just to name a few. Second, they are subject to certain standards of production, including minimal use of chemicals and pesticides during the growing process, sustainable farming practices, eco-friendly certification, and they must be animal friendly. And once the fabrics are produced, they tend to be treated with non-toxic dyes and biodegradable finishes. But how does that translate into the clothes you wear every day?

When you first consider eco-friendly fashion, your mind may gravitate towards something along the lines of homemade hippie hemp-wear. However, this is far from the reality of green fashion today. Sites like have just as many designers as any department store (if not more), all offering eco-friendly fare. Some of the designers featured on this site include Alchemy, which makes handbags that look like vinyl, but are actually recycled inner tubes from bike tires, EcoSkin, which combines bamboo, Tencel, and Spandex to make stretch fabrics that look and feel like jersey (in styles that are very now), and Sub Urban Riot, which boasts some killer graphic tees made from organic cotton and recycled polymer-based materials. You can also find shoes, jewelry, and even eco-lingerie. And this is just one of many websites devoted to making fashion more eco-friendly!

The other unexpected boon of eco-fashion is the pricetag. Most people think that anything even resembling environmentally sound will automatically raise the sticker price. Not true. The cost of green fashions can be as low or high as clothing at any other retailer, from department stores to designer labels. Prices vary based not only on the product, but also on the designer, just like in any other area of the fashion industry. And even if you were to spend a little more on an eco-friendly outfit, wouldn’t it be worth if for the fact that you are helping to preserve our planet while still looking smoking hot for your date Friday night? In fact, if you do a little browsing, you may find that you can get exactly the fashion you’re looking for, at a comparable price, and show the earth a little love along the way.

Guest post by Sarah Harris, of Zen College Life, the premier directory for online colleges. Find out more information about an online nursing degree.