Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Totally Wear Hats, and You Can Too

I have been a hat lover for many years and believe that every woman can totally wear hats, so I really appreciate this latest commercial from Target...

Many women think that they can't pull off wearing hats, but it's just a matter of being confident. If the women in the following video can pull off these big hats from back in the day, then you can too...

Just like any accessory, a hat can make an outfit more polished or put together. If you want to learn how you can pull off wearing hats, I recommend watching this video in this post I wrote a couple years ago, How to Wear the Latest Hat Fashion.

What I like about hats is that the majority of styles don't go out of fashion. I pulled out a hat that I bought a few years ago...

I created this spread with some of my favorite hat styles...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Really Wear Ugg Boots

Britney Spears wearing shorts and Ugg boots
When I worked at Nordstrom, which was about five years ago, everyone and their grandma wanted a pair of ugg-style boots. Honestly, I didn't know what the big deal was because we're in Southern California where the weather doesn't get cold enough to justify wearing these types of boots. However, I understand that there are people who want to look like Britney Spears with their daisy dukes and ugg boots. I even joked with a friend the other day who said she wanted a pair of ugg boots for her getaway trips to cold places.

"Are you going to buy daisy dukes with those boots too?" I asked jokingly.

"Yeah, I probably will just to spite you," she replied.

Ladies, please don't pull a Britney. I highly recommend reading these tips on what to wear with ugg boots from the Whooga ugg boots website. While you're there, make sure to educate yourself before investing in a pair of ugg boots. So much I didn't know!

One tip I might add: If you're going to wear a short skirt, make sure to wear the tallest style of ugg boots with a pair of leggings or tights. Wearing the short style with a skirt just looks unbalanced and tacky to me. I don't care if it's the latest "trend".

Want to win a pair of Whooga ugg boots for the fall and winter season? Whooga has a monthly giveaway and you can enter to win simply by following Whooga on Twitter or subscribing to their newsletter.

Don't want to wait to win a free pair of boots? Whooga has given Beauty Is Within readers an exclusive discount code that gives you 10% off your purchase for this week only. Enter "370BEAUTY" at checkout.

Videos: Summer to Fall Makeup Tutorial

While searching for fall makeup tutorials on YouTube, I came across this video by Laura a.k.a. "xeverygirlx"...

I really like Laura's tagline for her YouTube channel: "Every Girl Deserves to Be Beautiful".

Another look that you can take from summer into fall which will make you look fresh and natural is this look from the Marc Jacobs' fall runway show created by NARS makeup artists. Here is a video that tells you how to get the look...

Check out the NARS YouTube page or follow them on Twitter: @NARSissist.

What's your favorite fall makeup look?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love Potion: Harvey Prince Eau Fling Fragrance Review and Giveaway

Harvey Prince Eau Fling Fragrance
I've reviewed many perfumes over the years, and it takes a lot for me to say "Wow" to any scent. My first Wow came when I tried Paris Hilton's "Can Can". Who would've thought - Paris Hilton, right?

Well, enter Harvey Prince's "Eau Fling" which has been touted as the "Love Potion" by Cosmopolitan magazine. Now, normally, I don't think twice about anything that Cosmo has to say, but if I hadn't tried Eau Fling myself, I wouldn't believe it.

Eau Fling includes top notes of black currant, plum, raspberry (Yes!), apple (Yum!), and black licorice and lavender, middle notes of jasmine, ylang, nutmeg and cinnamon, and bottom notes of musk and precious woods.

According to a study done at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie notes stimulate male sexual arousal, and so Eau Fling was born.

I just have one word to describe this scent: Wow. And my fiance loves it too...

Now you have a chance to win a 8.8 ml size of Harvey Prince's Eau Fling to take with you. Whenever you need a little sensual boost, just spray it on your wrists and watch all the compliments from both men and women come your way!

Giveaway Rules:

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4. Winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or else another winner will be chosen.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2011: NYFW Runway Video:

One of these days I will get to New York Fashion Week, but in the meantime, thank God for YouTube and social networking sites for making it easy to keep up with the shows that are going on right now in New York.

One of my favorite designers, Christian Siriano, never ceases to put together a fierce collection. When you coin the word "fierce" to describe everything you do, well, you have to live up to that expectation!

We'll let the collection speak for itself...

Is it any wonder why this Project Runway alum continues to make fashion headlines? He's probably the only designer who could actually inspire me to wear a crocodile print safari suit.

I think what makes Christian Siriano such a successful designer is that most of his collection is wearable. You could take it off a model's body, put it on, and walk out into the streets of New York City looking effortlessly fabulous.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beauty Quote From Terrence Howard

"The most important thing I teach my kids is that you can’t put your value in looks. Presence is based upon magnitude. You can pretend to have an air about you but it is quickly deflated, but you cannot deflate presence. Presence walks into a room and surrounds and fills anything that’s in that room without trying to demand it, it takes it. It can come from a smile. Like I said, love makes you beautiful. What is beautiful radiates." ~Terrence Howard

I love the part where he says that "love makes you beautiful". Having love for others - especially having love for yourself makes you glow with beauty :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dress of the Month: L'Opera Dress From Shabby Apple

I never used to be a dress person, but this past year all I've been wearing are dresses. It's so much easier to get dressed when all you have to do is put one piece on!

My favorite dress this month is the L'Opera dress from Shabby Apple. I love the color and the way it flatters my figure.  I wore it during a recent trip to the Mid-west where it was so hot and humid. This light and airy dress kept me as cool as possible.

For the fall and winter I could wear it with a pair of tall boots and a button-up sweater.

The L'Opera dress reminds of a dress that Christina Hendricks' character wore on an episode of Mad Men...

Shabby Apple has a great selection of dresses which can be worn to work or whenever!  Many of them are in classic styles that I love.  To shop, visit: