Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cure For Breast Cancer Lies Within

Walk for Cancer - MCDS
Photo Credit:  Ines Hegedus-Garcia

As you may already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. This year, instead of sharing with you all the different products that are available and the companies that are donating part of their profits to support breast cancer, I wanted to voice my thoughts about how women can use the power of their mind to heal their bodies. Instead of waiting around for a cure or going through painful chemo treatments, why not consider other alternative healing modalities that are safer and could heal breast cancer forever?

For many years I've researched and practiced natural and holistic healing methods. Although I understand and appreciate certain aspects of Western medicine, I lean more towards Eastern methods of medicine such as the use of herbs and energy healing. I also believe in the power of the mind and how our thoughts and emotions play a huge role in whether or not we are healthy.

I've been thinking alot about all the money that is put into breast cancer research. Millions, if not billions of money have been poured into research and we supposedly don't have a cure yet? Or are there people who don't want us to know that there is cure so that we'll continue to spend money on pills and treatments because they own those companies that provide these types of "medicine"? Just something to think about.

I'm sure there are doctors and physicians with good intentions out there, but who are they to decide how long a person has to live? Too many of us act as if our doctor is God - Well, if the doctor says it is so, then it must be true, right? Wrong!! Don't allow a doctor to write your death certificate. They may not be aware of the power of belief, but that doesn't mean you have to. Hopefully this post will open your mind to another paradigm of thinking...

Mental and Emotional Basis for the Creation of Disease

As a psychology major in college, I have always been fascinated with the mind and what makes us do certain things. I knew that how we grew up and our environment played key roles in our future.

It's been a few years now that I have been interested in the link between mind and body when it comes to health. I think it started when I watched that movie, The Secret, and learned about the woman who used the Law of Attraction to heal the cancer in her body. Since then I've heard many stories of people who overcame cancer by BELIEVING that they could heal. If you haven't read, The Biology of Belief, I highly recommend checking it out.

Louise Hay, a widely known author and founder of Hay House Publishing, overcame breast cancer. She wrote a book called, You Can Heal Your Life, in which she talks about her life and the tragedies she faced as a young girl. She explains how limiting beliefs and and negative emotions are the cause of illness. By changing the way you think and eliminating the deeply-rooted emotional baggage, you can heal your body and your life.

Heal the Emotional Scars

You can eat healthy and exercise everyday, but if you don't heal your mind and your heart, you can still get cancer. If you've ever experienced unexpected shock or trauma in your life, that leaves an imprint in your body. Even everyday mental stresses add up and affect your overall health.

One tool that has helped me eliminate the emotional baggage that has built up in my body is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. I work with Stephanie Tran, an EFT Practitioner based in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Every two weeks I meet with her over the phone or via Skype, and she helps me resolve any issues I may be facing. I feel like a huge burden has lifted after I've had a session with Stephanie. Not only that, but I've noticed how much better my life is. My relationships are better, I feel more energetic, and feel so much happier overall.

In essence, EFT works similar to acupressure in that you tap certain places (meridians) on your body while addressing the deep emotions you feel regarding a certain subject.

Stephanie can help with just about any issue including weight loss, anxiety, fear, and even financial worries. If you live in the Bay Area, I recommend joining her Meetup group.

A Spiritual Look at Cancer

I believe that there is a deeper, spiritual meaning for everything that happens to us.

In the book, The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing, Dr. Caroline Myss says this about cancer:
"In my opinion, cancer, more than any other illness, teaches us that we are alive in order to learn and that it is essential for us to challenge those obstacles that prevent us from exploring our own development. When cancer forms, it is an indication that something taking place inside of us has sufficient force to prevent us either from successfully entering into the next phase of our lives or from furthering our emotional, psychological and spiritual growth. Health cannot tolerate prolonged obstacles to one's growth."
Regardless of how you look at cancer, I think it's important for people to be more open to alternative ways of healing. I say, don't knock it til you try it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Quote: Plato's Words of Wisdom

White Rose"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on Simplicity."  -- Plato

Have you ever looked at a flower? I mean, really looked at it? It's a simple thing of beauty. It has petals, a stem, and leaves. It differs from other flowers in shape and color, but it is still beautiful.

In life, sometimes all you have to do is keep it simple. You don't have to wear outlandish outfits or pile on the makeup to be beautiful. You are naturally beautiful, just like the flower.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What Happens In Vegas, Could Happen With Dirty Feet

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I walked the strip with my boyfriend, enjoying the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of party-goers and tourists. Of course, many women were dressed in their sexy Vegas outfits, showing off all their assets - including their dirty feet. About 25% of the women I saw walking the strip were carrying their high heels in hand.

Ladies, I know you want to look beautiful in those high heels, but you’ve got to protect those precious feet of yours. Don’t end up like some of my friends who have bunions from standing in heels all day. When I worked in retail, I had corns on my pinky toe from wearing shoes that were too narrow for me. Oh, do I know better now!

However, I did have slight amnesia this past weekend when I was in San Francisco. I wore my tall boots with heels while shopping at the San Francisco Centre mall, but after a couple hours, my feet started to hurt. I had packed my Kushyfoot Flats to Go that I had received in the mail to review, but I left them in my travel bag instead of putting them in my purse. Duh!

Kushyfoot flats are a must-have for those of you who live in heels. They’re lightweight, fold up easily, and can be tucked into a pocket in your purse. I also love Kushfoot's foot covers that have padding, so when you are wearing heels, they don’t put unnecessary stress on the soles of your feet. Why didn't I ever think of buying these years ago?  What made me think that I had to live with pain?

Now that I'm a little older, I just feel more comfortable in flats. However, I do wear my heels when I'm going somewhere that doesn't require alot of standing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Thoughts on Oprah's "Aging Beauty" Show

Teri Hatcher Without Makeup
Last week Oprah Winfrey had an interesting conversation on her show about aging beauty. Hollywood beauties, Teri Hatcher, Linda Evans, and Cybill Shepard were her guests on the show, and they revealed their own personal thoughts about beauty and aging.

I think it's great that there are women in the entertainment industry who are honest about how they look and feel about themselves. There are many people in Hollywood who continue to deny that they have had any work done, which further perpetuates the illusion that has been created by TV and the media.

I was outraged when I first discovered that fashion and beauty magazines Photoshopped, retouched, and edited pictures. You mean to tell me that these people are fake? At the time I was just starting out as a fashion writer and it made me rethink my goal of ever writing for one of those high profile glossy fashion magazines. How could I be a part of a company that sold this illusion of beauty?

If you watched Oprah's show, you would have learned that no matter who you are, how blonde or beautiful, or how famous you are, you will never be truly happy until you can acknowledge who you truly are as a person and embrace the beauty inside of you. So many of us place our self-worth on the physical aspects of ourselves. What happens when you start to age and you don't look like you did in your 20's?

We live in a society that places more emphasis on physical beauty versus inner beauty. There is so much "anti-aging" marketing going on. I say, why not just age gracefully and accept it for what it is?

It is nice, though, to see that there are more conversations going on about this topic and we're heading to a place that values inner beauty. If this is something that you're interested in, I invite you to read my other blog, Project Inner Beauty.