Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Knew She Was a Diamond

For Elizabeth Taylor diamonds were somewhat of an obsession. You can say that they were pretty close to being her best friends. Now there’s talk that her collection of diamonds worth $150 million may be auctioned off at Christie’s.

One famous diamond that Liz Taylor wore was the Asscher cut Krupp 33 carat diamond which was given to her by Richard Burton. For me, it would be exciting to be able to own a one carat diamond. Just the idea of owning a 33 or 69-carat diamond is absolutely mind-boggling.

I often wonder how diamonds came to be highly valued in our society. They are certainly beautiful to look at, but to be quite honest, I don’t really understand what the big deal is about them. I guess until I see or own a big diamond, I probably will never understand.

All I know is that Elizabeth Taylor knew deep down in her heart that she was deserving of all the abundance and goodness that came her way. She was a diamond in her own right and attracted all that beautiful jewelry that represented who she was. She never allowed the jewelry to define her. They were simply accessories to appreciate while they were in her care.

I’m sure Liz Taylor was judged all the time for the husbands she had and those “obnoxious” diamonds she wore. Through it all she remained composed and seemed to be comfortable with who she was. She didn’t allow other people’s opinions affect what she did. For that, I admire and respect her.
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