Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've Finally Realized the "Secret" to Looking Slimmer

Do you ever watch Red Carpet shows and wonder how all those women can look so good in their beautiful gowns? How do their bodies look so perfectly shaped like hourglasses?

Well, it’s all about the shapewear, girlfriend.

I, for one, have never really given shapewear much thought. Even when Spanx became very popular, I still paid no attention. When I did think about shapewear, I thought about women from back in the days who wore their corsets so tight that they couldn’t even breathe. Sorry, but I’d much rather breathe than have a slim-looking waistline.

I also used to think that wearing shapewear was “cheating”, or creating this illusion that your body is slimmer and shapelier than it actually is. Why not just be all-natural and be proud of that body? Well, let’s just say that my perspective has changed somewhat.

Now that I’m getting a little older, and my body is looking a little more, well...womanly, there are parts of my body that I would like to emphasize - like the waist area. I also have summer clothing like light-colored dresses and pants that I otherwise couldn’t wear unless I have special underwear. Little did I know that there were all these varieties of shapewear available nowadays....and I can breathe in them!

I came across this video on YouTube that shows you how to select the appropriate undergarments and shapewear for your body...

So now I’m ok with this “secret” to looking slimmer. If it’s helping to suck in that little pooch until these ab exercises I’m doing start to show their effects, then I’m all for it.

Next week I’ll be reviewing an innovative body shaper that is supposed to help burn calories and tone muscles. Stay tuned!
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