Friday, July 15, 2011

Can a 30-Something Pull Off the Neon Trend?

It was a bright spring morning, and my mom watched me at the front door as I headed out for my first day of 6th grade. A dark blue polo shirt with popped collar, blue jeans, brand new dark brown Sperry Top-Siders (similar to the ones pictured here), and bright pink neon-colored socks was the outfit for the day. (Yes, I was a tomboy back then.) I'm sure my mom was wondering what the heck I was thinking when I put that outfit together. She was always very supportive of my sense of style, so all she did was smile and wave goodbye.

Pink neon socks with brown Top-Siders?!? I'm so glad none of my school mates took a picture of me with that outfit on.

I did love those pink neon socks, though, and decided to wear them with everything. Then I got a pair of yellow neon socks and wore them out.

For whatever reason I really did not want to see this neon trend come back. But how could I deny something that I loved so much back in the 80's? I was close to buying a really cute neon pink striped shirt I saw in this store the other day, but I just kept wondering if a woman my age could actually pull it off.

Instead, I decided to have a little fun with neon orange nail polish. I'm going to attempt to wear this polish by POP Beauty (~$10) all weekend.  They have some vibrant colors for the summer.

I'm actually having fun watching my fingers as I type up this post...

Here's an article over at Refinery 29 that offers some tips on how to wear neon...

Shop for neon clothes below...
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  1. This color looks great on you! Im in my ummm 30's as well and love playing with bright nails!!

  2. Hi Kenya,

    Thanks so much :) It took awhile, but the neon orange is growing on me!