Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Achieving Effortless Beauty: The Clue is Minimal Effort

by Victoria Galloway

Natural minerals, earthy facials and organic face washes. Getting an easy to achieve, natural look isn’t as easy as it should be. Before you know it, you’ve spent a lot of money on products which you’re not sure are as effective as you first hoped. Life is too short for the amount of products you could introduce into your life, so sometimes it’s good to whittle it down to a choice few that will enable you to achieve an effortless look. Here’s a few product ideas that I have tried and tested...


Tinted moisturisers and fake tans are a great foundation replacement. Foundation, although there are some great ones out there to choose from, can be pore blockers. They also take time to apply and at the end of the day have to be washed off. Fake tans are a genuine beauty secret. Not only do they mask little imperfections in the same way a foundation does but they also create a natural glow. It’s a good idea to invest in a decent fake tan though. Streaks and smudges are never a good look and one that colours too dark will go against the natural look you are trying to achieve. Famous Dave’s Fake Tan is a great place to start. Completely natural looking, odourless and streak free, this fake tan is great at creating a natural glow which no one will recognise as coming from a bottle. Applied sparingly, Famous Dave’s fake tan creates long lasting olive skin.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an absolute necessity at any time. Great mascara goes a long way, but often the age old problem of clumping strikes. One particular brand of mascara which never fails to win in my book is by Boots brand, Prestige. The model is called ‘My biggest lashes’ and comes in a bright pink tube. This mascara is seriously good at creating a big, bold, black lash effect that is non-clumpy and genuinely lasts all day. Because it’s so good it does take a little effort to wash off, but an application of makeup off does the trick. Team your big lashes with an eye shadow which is easy to apply, you don’t need much of and will create striking eyes immediately. One shade which suits a lot of eye colours is dark grey or dark purple. Dab a little in the outer corner of the eye lids for a no hassle smoky eye effect.

Hair Products

Investing in some efficient hair products that require minimal effort in the mornings are the key to obtaining that effortless look. Long or short, love your locks. A really simple way of ensuring that your hair looks as good as possible is to check out some instant styling products, ones that won’t let you down in a hair crisis. A good place to start is with something like an ironless straightening product which will gloss and really straighten hair which is prone to frizz when blow dried. Or, for those with wavy or curly hair, a scrunching serum works wonders at keeping hair in place.

How do you achieve an effortless look? Do you have any beauty tips to add?

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