Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JewelMint: A Great Way to Buy Designer Jewelry Without Breaking the Bank

Have you ever paid a monthly membership to receive books, DVD's, or music? Well, now you can buy jewelry this way too!

Celebrity stylist and designer Cher Coulter has teamed up with Kate Bosworth to create a new designer jewelry line called JewelMint, which consists of absolutely gorgeous pieces that you can have delivered right to your door every month.

How it Works: For $29.95 per month, you get personalized selections based on the style questions you answered when you sign up. You can pause the service, opt out of payment any month, and can cancel the service at any time.

I love that they offer style tips with each jewelry piece, plus they have a Giving Back program that benefits charities. How can you not support something like that?

Here are the recommendations I received after signing up and answering the style questions:

Here's a short video clip of Cher and Kate talking and collaborating about the inspiration for the line...

Get your exclusive JewelMint discount code: Thanks to the Mint Brand Ambassador (MBA) team in San Diego, readers of Beauty Is Within can use discount code sd883 to get 50% off the first month of JewelMint!


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  1. Interesting! Will check this one out. :)